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  1. Beentown

    Big Day Tomorrow...

    ...and I will take some prayers. My youngest (5 months) is going in for her final spinal cord surgery (hopefully) at 6:30am tomorrow. All should go well as we have the #1 Child Nuero coming in and #4 works at our Childrens who is the main surgeon for the procedure. They were VERY confident in...
  2. Bigslam51

    Saw a big one on Monday!

    My buddy and I took the Ranger to go check an area that we hung a stand and planted a small fall food plot in a 5 acre patch of woods that is surrounded by corn. As we entered the area and we could see the food plot a really nice 8 point stood up and took off! It's rack was dark colored so I'm...
  3. M

    Affiliate_Deal_ Big Dog BDL3000 ladder stand

    I installed a Big Dog BDL3000 Stadium ladder stand today. It's 17.5' high to the seat. Had dual ladder rails which makes it very steady. It's the curved wrap around style. 2 person and rated at 500 lbs. I must say this ladder is the heavy built and all the bolt holes lineup perfectly for...
  4. Big_Holla

    ChuckC's Big Holla Hunting Journal 2013-14

    Time to get this thing started!! With deer season right around the corner we still have a few trips to make to get things finalized. This past trip we had to do a lot of rushing to get things done but we ended up with 2 new ladder stands in place and everything trimmed as well as moved one...
  5. Blackbeard

    Big Game EZ-ON Basic Harness?

    Anybody have this? Any reviews? Sportsman's Guide has them for $39.99 and I need a new one to replace my out of date HSS.
  6. Ohiosam

    A big reason ARs are so popular

    Changability I have 2 Armalite National Match rifles that I bought when my kids were shooting service rifle. Haven't shot them much the last couple of years. Been thinking about getting a flat top upper to use one as a varmint rifle but just couldn't bring myself to spend the $6-700 minimum...
  7. CJD3

    Big Yote

    Time to put away the 10/22 and get out the AR He's looking for my fawns... I'm looken for him. or http://s251.photobucket.com/user/3cjd/media/EK000217_zpse2a36511.mp4.html (not sure which one works)
  8. Boarhead

    Big Shed

    Found this one last week.Scored 96 inches.Hope to find the other side but no luck yet.I saw him during season and he was a 6x6 around 18 or 19 inches wide.Had alot of mass.
  9. Ohiosam

    Big explosion in Waco.

    Reports of a huge explosion at a fertilizer plant in Texas. Most fertilizer by it's self isn't explosive, but large amounts of natural gas is used in producing nitrogen fertizers.
  10. Rutin

    Big 8 from last years back

    Been the SLOWEST year ive ever had with cameras this year.... I jumped this deer last year late in the season and thought Id see if he was back in the area, sure enough he is and he gained about 10-15 inches. Only buck I have worth going after right now, so hunting will be sparce!
  11. Bowhunter57

    FOR SALE Henry Big Boy .357 Mag./.38 Spl.

    This Henry Big Boy .357 Mag. has had less than 30 rounds though it and has been cleaned/oiled and in the safe. It is very accurate, low recoil and very reliable. It comes with the original box, owner's manual and an unfilled registration card. Henry Repeating Arms have a lifetime warranty, no...
  12. bigten05

    bigten trail cam pics

    heres a few pics that ive gotten so far been wanting to get them up just havent had time, got some good potential. i moved a couple cams last week gonna check them sometime this weekend so hopefully ill have some pics to add.
  13. hickslawns

    FOR SALE Big Dog Pricing 2012 from Hank Tucker Outdoors

    Alrighty ladies and gentlemen! Here are the 2012 prices from Hank Tucker Outdoors for the Big Dog Treestands and Timberstrike groundblind. Shoot me a PM with any questions. Fixed Stands Description Price BDF 076 Beagle II 25x20" platform 14x8 seat $52.50 BDF 401 Bulldog II 32.5x23.5...
  14. Kaiser878

    Big dog treestands?

    I am not much for spending a lot of money on stands.... I like to have a lot of stands in a lot of palces to increase my mobility.......I have a climber, but some places are best left to a stationary stand. I own a whole fleet of big dog treestands.... I am very partial to the beagle because of...
  15. Longdraw

    Big Country Roy Nelson

    That man has fists of stone,,a hero TOO us fat boyzzzzzzz,,,what a KO tonight
  16. hickslawns

    How big is your sight aperature?

    I am shopping for a sight for the new bow. I have always had the mindset of the larger the opening the better. Seems to make sense to me, but come to think of it, I have not really shot many with smaller openings. Maybe I would be more accurate with a smaller sight window? Keep in mind...
  17. Buckmaster

    For Phil: Big Wood; Small Wood

    One big red oak Big splitting job Equates to 2 cord wood (double stacked) Results will be a nice warm butt at Deer Camp in 2012.
  18. C

    My brothers ML big buck.

    Been meaning to post pics of my brothers ML buck and finally got around too it.
  19. L

    Daytime pic of a big boy

    Thought I would share this pic with you all. I love daytime trail cam pics, especially when it includes a rare specimen of a big old buck. This guy is the 2nd biggest deer I have gotten on cam, and was killed on the next property over just like the 180+ inch monster was that I posted earlier in...
  20. rgecko23

    FOR SALE 52" Big Screen TV, 1080HD

    OK fellers, I am selling my 52" big screen TV, it is a floor model not one you can mount on the wall. I am renting my house out and I am getting rid of stuff that I dont want to take with me. It works perfect except for the kids pushing the channel and volume buttons too much and now they dont...