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  1. Ohiosam

    Bonus weekend

    Nearly 30 state lawmakers today signed a letter opposing shortening Ohio's deer hunting season proposed by the state Division of Wildlife. The lawmakers – 11 senators and 18 House members, mostly Republicans – questioned the basis for rule changes that would eliminate the statewide two-day...
  2. xbowguy

    Bonus Gun Week

    I have a couple items here that you may want to pass around....They were gotten for a friend of ours who just COULD NOT get a deer! Something seemed to Always go wrong.....Even in the good spots! They've been floating around here for about 15 years. Exibit A is to be hung off the gun barrel...
  3. Gern186

    Limit and a half plus a bonus

    Went out hunting for some pheasant last week with my uncle and we ended up with these 3 birds......we were just hunting, no dogs or anything, just covering some territory walking cover... Then on the drive back home I spotted 2 coyotes in a field along a ditch line......after getting...
  4. cotty16

    Bonus Weekend

    Well, my boys both have basketball games Saturday morning. Klay decided to play and Kody decided to skip to hunt. It didn't matter to me what they chose to do. One is in 3rd grade and the other 4th. They play with 6th graders so they don't get much action anyway. So I'll be in the woods...