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Bonus Weekend


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Well, my boys both have basketball games Saturday morning. Klay decided to play and Kody decided to skip to hunt. It didn't matter to me what they chose to do. One is in 3rd grade and the other 4th. They play with 6th graders so they don't get much action anyway.
So I'll be in the woods with Kody in the AM. Then I gotta run home to get Klay and my dad for the PM.
It's supposed to be 11 degrees Saturday morning and a high of 22 on Sunday. It's tough to make hunting enjoyable for kids in this weather.
I wish it was 30 and snow. I love the snow, but this deep freeze is rough.

You guys venturing out?


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North Carolina
I'll be out all day both days.... I'll also be moving from stand to stand about every 3 or 4 hours to keep the blood circulating lol


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It's hard to tell, i'm sure i'll be out sometime but HS bball has made it hard for me to se much time in the woods :smiley_depressive:


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I went to refill the feeder yesterday and it was noisy as hell walking. Not too good for still hunting for those of you thinking about that route. That's in my neck of the woods anyway. Just a dusting for the most part and the leaves are frozen.


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North Central Ohio
I'll be out Saturday and Sunday morning. I'm not sure with a Christmas program at 1pm on Sunday and a choir concert at 2pm that I will be able to get out for the evening or not. Depends on how long that concert runs :(.


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Yep, I'll be out this weekend, TOO. My expectations aren't very high, but I'm looking forward to it since I'll be hunting all weekend with my brother... we don't get to deer hunt together much, so when we do it's always a great time. (BTW, last time I hunted with my brother during the extra gun weekend, I was fortunate enough to put my biggest buck on the ground. :) )


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SE Ohio
Writing off Saturday morning since the wife's company Christmas party is tomorrow night and it is highly likely I'll be shitfaced for the ride home! We'll be in the blind behind my parents Saturday evening. If she kills something, we'll write off Sunday morning too! If not, we'll be at the farm all day Sunday chasing Moe. Regardless of what happens, we'll be after him Sunday evening. If the snow is still there and we can sneak. I'm gonna go after him on foot.


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Good luck to you guys going out! Make sure you stay warm and hydrated in the snow....and do a lot of mobile updates!


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Norton, OH
I will be out at least one day. Hoping to put 2 on the ground, one for me, one for my buddy. Him first though, he has never killed one.


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Thinking with the wife working Friday and Saturday night, I might be paying my wife's niece to watch the kids. Garrett has a b-ball game midday Saturday so it will be tough, but maybe getting in before the sun comes up I will be ready for a break to warm up? Back out Saturday night and Sunday night if all goes well.