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  1. dante322

    Bowfishing rig?

    cleaning out the closet today, i found my old Bear Kodiak Magnum compound. Not sure how old it is, late 70s early 80s i would imagine. Anyway, I'm thinking of making a bowfishing rig out of it. What all would i need? it doesnt have a rest, sight, peep... nothing. There is a tap for a stabilizer...
  2. C

    Venice Louisiana bowfishing trip

    Head out tomorrow for a week long trip to bowfish the Mississippi delta and the gulf. I will try and keep you all updated with pics and stuff tween killing fish and beer.Might have to ask jbrown to be my Secretary and update the thread with pics I text him.
  3. hunna771

    Short Bowfishing Clip I Made!!!

    Zak and I were out in our canoe in a swamp/ drainage thing and it had a lot of big carp in it... I personally thought this was hilarious. Zak trying to spear it off of my arrow was a bad idea LOL. Just watch it...
  4. S


    Hello everyone, I am new to Bowfishing. I have a bow rigged up and have been out on my own several times. I Live in the Southwestern part of Ohio right along the Ohio River in Clermont County Ohio. I would really like to see if there is anyone out there that I could learn the "ART OF...
  5. jagermeister

    March Bowfishing Madness!

    Well, it's official... Thanks to Carpn, I'm no longer a bowfishing virgin. We made a trip up to the Sandusky Bay area yesterday for a day/night combo shoot, and it turned out to be well worth it. In total, we ended up with 100 bowfin or so, 80-100 carp (common and buffalos), a handful of...
  6. C

    First bowfishing of the yr.

    Nothing big but nice to be out. Got 30-40 carp and was in bed by 1130...crappy pic. Sorry .
  7. So. Ohio Outfitters

    Wanting to go bowfishing bad!!

    Guys, I'm wanting to go bowfishin BAD, and I mean BAD! I've never been and would love to make a show out of it for sudden impact, but we don't want to go with an outfitter. First, what setup do you recommend? I shoot a 70 lb bow, and secondly, can any of you experienced guys take me out...
  8. Gern186

    Need advice on bowfishing setup

    I have located some awesome waters for bowfishing some huge carp....can anybody tell me a good system to buy for getting set up for bowfishing? I am thinking of ordering the Muzzy Xtreme bowfishing kit from Cabelas... it is around 100 bucks...will this work good enough or is there something...
  9. H

    Buckeye Lake bowfishing

    Looking for someone that bowfishes Buckeye Lake. I trap and would be interested to get some carp to grind up for bait for next season. Let me know if any on here shoot there or any lakes around the Pleasantville,Baltimore, Fairfield Co. area. Would like to talk and maybe meet up sometime this...