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Need advice on bowfishing setup


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NW Ohio Tundra
I have located some awesome waters for bowfishing some huge carp....can anybody tell me a good system to buy for getting set up for bowfishing? I am thinking of ordering the Muzzy Xtreme bowfishing kit from Cabelas... it is around 100 bucks...will this work good enough or is there something better out there?

Thanks in advance.


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Massillon, Ohio
I have an old PSE I wanted to use for this and that muzzy kit is the one I was looking at as well. I'll be interested to hear what others say.


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Whatever you do Just make sure you get an AMS pro reel... Nothing is better.


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Norton, OH
Agree with Joe, that reel is the cats ass. I figure fiberglass arrows are fiberglass arrows. That reel makes all the difference.


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North Carolina
Just got a text from Dale.... he's been super busy and hasn't logged in and had time too post....
"Thanks for the concern J! Tell the boys I'm alive and working too many damn hours. Been wanting to check in, but I need my beauty sleep when I get home,"


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Thanks Ya'll!

I'll be checking in more often this week and next.

Those retriever reels are all the rage and I do have two of them. Shot a ton of fish with both, but I prefer a big spincast for carp shooting spooled with 80# fast flight line. A simple fiberglass arrow with a muzzy tip gets the job done, even on big carp. I do recomend a slide system on the arrow, there's a few to choose from now a days.