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  1. bthompson1004

    Browns fan's

    Hanford Dixon is coming to my local mall this weekend for a 2 hour autograph session...I'm going to try and make it....when I was 8, I met Ozzie Newsome and he handed me an autographed T-shirt...I will take it with me and see if Hanford will sign it!:smiley_clap:
  2. Schu72

    Who will the Browns pick tonight?

    I hope the get Richardson at #4 and Kendal Wright at #22. Please no QBs.
  3. dante322

    stupid browns....

    I am so glad the browns suck again this year. if they were any good i might want to watch them, but since they are, (once again) pathetic, then I guess I can concentrate on hunting on sunday afternoons.
  4. Schu72

    Browns name new coach

    The browns announced the 13th full time coach will be......Pat Shurmur. Yawn.....:smiley_depressive::smiley_confused_sch
  5. Schu72

    Browns fire Mangina

    He was relieved of his duties this morning. Let the rebuilding process begin......again!