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  1. TripleA88

    Couple Bucks

    Had some good card pulls this week between a buddy and I. Hope they can keep up some type of consistency.
  2. themedic

    Number 1 and Number 2 hit list bucks....170's???

    With velvet season coming to an end I think I have a pretty good idea who I'll be hunting this fall. I have two bucks, both on the same farm, (how convenient) that I will probably spend most of the season hunting. The second buck I have some history with, he could probably use another year of...
  3. Beentown

    Some bucks with po...

  4. JD Boyd

    Couple nice bucks

  5. Jackalope

    Some New and old bucks.

    The wide 10 is back and looking wider. He didn't do much else this year as a 5 year old. I want this bastard. Got a new buck this year. Looks young. Hell of a frame and I'm digging that split. He's got the frame to go the distance. Here is a new guy also. I think I'm going to call...
  6. MandRroofing

    Couple bucks...

    Pulled cam today and a few bucks on there.
  7. Monster Raxx

    Naming Bucks

    This was brought up on another forum and thought since it was getting closer it would be sweet to see some bucks and what other name them.
  8. Fluteman

    A couple bucks

    Finally got a camera put out a few weeks ago. Not sure how long I'm gonna run them this year, but I plan on pulling them before the season starts, at least on this farm. Been watching a few nice deer in the afternoons and evenings, and am happy to get a few pictures of them.
  9. motorbreaker

    Velvet Bucks 2013

    Best I got so far. Hope you enjoy.
  10. joejoe8

    2013 bucks

    With this being a slow time of the year, post some deer you will be after this year. Depending on what shows up on trailcam this summer, this Nc buck might be in trouble. I pasted him 3 different times last year inside 20yds. I think he'll be 4 this year, so if he makes a good jump its on...
  11. yotehunter

    a few allen co bucks

  12. at1010

    Bucks, goofy one

  13. bowhunter1023

    Mature Bucks: Patterns, Core Areas, Home Ranges

    Milo and I were talking via text the other night and he suggested I check out a bit of information contained in a thread elsewhere on the web that centered on mature bucks, their patterns, core areas, home ranges, and other intricacies. In the thread was a link to a thesis done by Gabriel Karns...
  14. bonecollecter

    A few 2012 bucks

  15. at1010

    Bucks (Might be a shooter)

    really having a hard time deciding if I would arrow this one or not. haha hope you enjoy the pics tho.
  16. buckbuster217

    finally some bucks!!

    Pulled some cards this morning and finally have some bucks on them!! The buck in the first pic in the back doesnt look bad but its hard to tell
  17. Schu72

    Monster bucks found locked on Dream Season

    Did anyone else see last nights episode? I'm not a regular viewer, just happened to be channel surfing. Anyway the father son team (I Think) were heading into their stand location and found their two biggest buck locked up in a field. These deer both had to be 170+. They knew both deer...
  18. Monster Raxx

    North Dakota Bucks

    Here are some pics the outfitter in North Dakota sent me today. I hope one of the bucks walks by August 31st still in velvet :)
  19. Monster Raxx

    A few bucks from this weekends camera check

    Here are a few bucks I got pics of from this weekends camera check. I am hoping they make it one more year. Meet Ray Charles I wish this PIG lifted his head
  20. JD Boyd

    Bucks to watch

    I'll be updating this cam weekly and maybe throw in a few others from time to time. This buck is Mr. BROWZER... Enjoy. I like to keep a box of tissues close by...lol