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  1. A

    Good Luck Buddies!

    To all of you at TOO good luck this weekend. Remember shoot straight, shoot ethical, kill fast, and most of all enjoy yourself. I will not be able to hunt this first Month of season, but those of you know me, know I will be thinking about it all day every day. Go get them! Albert
  2. "J"

    Buddies Mount

    Pulled cards today with a buddy who hooked me up last year after a dismal start of my season.... Dave took me too a spot that was always one of his favorites but due too the location it was hard too hunt as the winds circled and he'd get busted a lot.... Well using the scent smoker changed that...
  3. finelyshedded

    Proud of my buddies!

    Just passing along some info. Two of my good longtime friends Stacey Triplet and his son Adam came in 4th and 7th respectively at the IBO World Indoor 3D last month in Cleveland. I'm very proud of them and wish them continued success.
  4. finelyshedded

    One Buddies Great Year!

    I got to congratulate a couple of great friends right here and now on an outstanding year they had between them. Stacey has been a great friend over the past 25 plus years and over those years we've helped each other drag out some real nice deer between my brother Ron,another buddy Tim, Staceys...
  5. ohio mossy oak

    CS thread...Why Elite will have me an my buddies Business forever!!

    Its kinda a secret shhhh Here is the story..My buddy is never happy with a bow for very long..He is always changing gear or something..Well he has a 09 Elite GT500 that WAS AP camo...He is in love with AP snow camo..So he decided he wanted AP snow limbs,black riser an new strings ,rest...
  6. Mike

    Buddies front yard

    My buddy, who does not hunt, sent me this picture from his front yard. He said the one deer looked Albino. It's hard to see I guess. Maybe a piebald? I asked him if I could hunt his front yard. :smiley_depressive:
  7. Mountaineer

    My Buddies buck..

    My buddy connected with a WNF buck on Saturday...He picked up his tracks around 1pm and caught up to him around 3pm...He said it was a strenuous chase up over ridges and down over hollows..He caught up to this buck several times but no shot was offered..The buck kept bounding off everytime he...