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My Buddies buck..

My buddy connected with a WNF buck on Saturday...He picked up his tracks around 1pm and caught up to him around 3pm...He said it was a strenuous chase up over ridges and down over hollows..He caught up to this buck several times but no shot was offered..The buck kept bounding off everytime he got close....but finally after the 4th time the buck gave him a 100 yard shot trotting up the opposite side of the hollow.

Another excellent hunt...Tracking big bucks is one of my favorite ways to hunt..Once you get on his tracks they have a hard time getting away.

Congrats to my buddy..He earned this publicland buck

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NW Ohio Tundra
That's a nice buck.

Say you pick up a large track and follow it over hill and valley for a long ways and a few hours later you finally catch up to the buck.......only to see that he is just an average deer. Do you shoot him anyhow because of the work and time you just put into the tracking job? I mean, unless you see a large rack on a deer and then track him, there is absolutely no way you can tell whats on top of his head by looking at his foot prints, right?

How many times have you and your buddies tracked a deer and came upon it only to realize it wasn't worth wasting a bullet?
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This our first time we were able to Track in ohio since we started hunting in Ohio back in 07'...My buddy and I hunt Maine and thats where we are given chances to track deer...and its fun...A hunters success rate increases dramtically when theres snow on the ground.

As far as tracking down small bucks and does..Yep..it happens....In this case he jumped the buck and knew it was a good one to follow. He was texting me every chance he got on Saturday morning and i remeber him telling me he picked up a set of tracks early in the morning that turned out to be a doe..or a shed buck..he wasnt sure. and then around 1pm he jumped this buck..after that point the chase was on..he just stayed on his tracks until he got a shot. I know the steep hollows helped my buddy get a shot..The hollow he eventually got him in was extremly steep..The buck tried to round the head of the hollow instead of leaping off the sides...I think that was the bucks mistake...By him trying to cross the hollow at the head, gave my buddy a shot oppurtunity.
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Fellows..I think the biggest problem with tracking is running into lots of other deer tracks..then it gets confusing..you spend half your time sorting out tracks...The part of the Wayne we hunt doesnt have a ton of deer..So..that didnt seem to be a problem..When i took my buck, I didnt see many tracks up until the point i found the ones i followed..The difference between my situation and my buddies is that..my buck had no idea i was following it a more relaxed situation and my buddies buck knew he was being chased..His situation was much more chaotic and strenuous.
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