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  1. Bowhunter57

    E-call vs. Hand call success?

    I'm considering soaking some money into an e-caller. However, I'm wondering if the success rate of calling coyotes in, would go up or not. I use a motion decoy, set it about 20 yards away from my calling position, but I'm wondering if the coyotes are not connecting the motion with the sound and...
  2. CJD3

    Deer calls

    Over the years I have ended up with several grunt tubes. Some are multi/adjustable, buck,doe and fawn. Some are specific doe or buck. I was thinking of replacing them with a new one and was wondering if anyone feels strongly about one of theirs... Any endorsements on deer calls?
  3. Derek j

    woodhaven/legacy diaphragm calls

    For those who have either of these calls, which one do you have, and which model? From Woodhaven I am looking at the Raspy Red Reactor, TKM, or the red zone. From Legacy I am interested in the Prized Possession, or the Lost Legacy. I have been using the Primos sonic dome series for the past...
  4. Jackalope

    Review Team Outlaw Game Calls Box Call

    I pulled in my driveway Monday night and saw a package placed in front of my door. I read the label on the top “Team Outlaw Outdoors” and knew it was the turkey call you guys helped me win on their FaceBook contest. Man! That was fast. I just gave them my address last Thursday. As I opened the...
  5. camofry

    Turkey calls

    How many Turkey call do you have on hand. The Wife is always on my ass about all the calls setting around the house and I cant get her to understand There is no such thing as to many. I have some that never come off the the shelf, but I use alot of them. At last count I have 876 box wingbone and...
  6. camofry

    FOR SALE Turkey calls

    These calls are made by Buck Expert (the people that do the sounds for Phantom Caller). These are Diaphragm calls,each comes with it own snap box and are all NEW ,never opened. These retail for 5.99 to 9.99 ea but I need to part with them so I am selling them for 6 for $20 shipped. I will list...