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FOR SALE Turkey calls


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These calls are made by Buck Expert (the people that do the sounds for Phantom Caller). These are Diaphragm calls,each comes with it own snap box and are all NEW ,never opened. These retail for 5.99 to 9.99 ea but I need to part with them so I am selling them for 6 for $20 shipped. I will list the calls I have and you pick the 6 you want. Some of them I only have a few of so it is first come gets there pick first. I will take them off as they are spoken for.

12 of the Raspy 3.5
5 of the Triple Split
6 of the Super Double
9 of the Super Quad
14 of the Quad Split W
2 of the Raspy Double
1 of the Triple W
1 of the E-Z Single
1 of the Raspy Triple
1 of the Double Split W
1 of the Super Triples


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Got mine today. Thanks Tracy. Now I just need to figure out how to use them.:smiley_chinrub: