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  1. blemas

    Time to replace one of my cameras, need suggestions

    One of my original Trophy Cams just took a dump on me and need to get a replacement out in the field ASAP. I know that Spypoint is a sponsor and would be happy to direct some business their way but what other suggestions do ya'll have? I really liked the AA battery life from the Bushnell and...
  2. Outdoorsfellar

    Using " Evercalm " when checking cameras ...

    I'm sitting here at work waiting to go home & got to wondering if anyone here uses it when checking their cams.
  3. motorbreaker

    Action cameras

    Anyone use a action camera? I'm thinking I might want one but don't know much about them. Gopro seems to be a good one. My biggest question is how and where I would mount one. I use a crossbow with a red dot and a 870 with a scope. Any information would be great.
  4. steveOh

    Black Flash Cameras?

    Anyone using the cameras with Black Flash? If so how do you like them? What brand, model? Show us some Black Flash pics...
  5. Monster Raxx

    Any one else have bad results with Cuddeback cameras?

    Just wondering if any one else is having bad results with Cuddeback cameras?
  6. D

    Trail Cameras ?

    I am new to the site and was wondering what cameras you used and why ? We run the DLC Coverts and have really had great success with them. We even got the chance to stop in at the ATA show and talk to them. We pretty much talked deer hunting but did go over their new line up of cameras and...
  7. So. Ohio Outfitters

    FOR SALE Buckeyecam Orion Cameras and modem

    I have 4 like new orion cameras that I'm selling along with the modem.....I will sell as a whole or seperate it all out, just let me know what your interested in......pm me for prices, they will be more than fair
  8. ohio mossy oak

    Cops Confiscate Cameras at Ohio Congressman’s Town Hall

    A congressman from Ohio had cops grab the cameras of constituents during a town hall meeting. Steve Chabot, a Republican, had cell phones and cameras confiscated in order to “prevent an embarrassing Youtube video from making the rounds,” according to Carlos Miller, who runs a blog documenting...
  9. Jackalope

    Member deal on SpyPoint Cameras.

    TheOhioOutdoors in partnership with SpyPoint trail cameras has agreed to become a promotional sponsor of SpyPoint in exchange for some phenomenal rates on their cams, accessories, and gear! And we’re passing that savings on to you! This agreement is purely for special rates on SpyPoint gear in...
  10. Johnch

    How often do you check your camera's ?

    Figured this Might be the right place to ask I am currently checking them about every 7-10 days How often do you check your camera's ? John
  11. bowhunter1023

    FOR SALE Pair of Primos Truth Cam 35 Cameras

    I figured I would end up doing this after I purchased my first Primos Truth Cam 60, so I guess now is the time to do so! I have two Primos 35 cams that are fully functional I want to sell so I can buy another 60. I would rather sell them as a pair than separately. I won't lie, the cases show...
  12. hickslawns

    Get your cameras out!

    I have a nice assortment of pictures from one of the properties I hunt. Anything from groups of deer, to pregnant does which will be popping in a couple weeks, to various stages of buck growth. Even had some pictures of my daughter?
  13. benehunter

    Best time to check cameras

    I usually check my cameras cards at night because a few reasons: a lot of times I drive to the property after work and don't make it in there until 9 or 10pm, sometimes even later than that, so I think it is a good time to avoid any disturbance. Also the fact that my property is mostly wooded...