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Best time to check cameras

I usually check my cameras cards at night because a few reasons: a lot of times I drive to the property after work and don't make it in there until 9 or 10pm, sometimes even later than that, so I think it is a good time to avoid any disturbance. Also the fact that my property is mostly wooded (about 95%) makes me think that most deer move into the neighbor's fields after dark to feed in the open. I use my grizzly for this task so it is a little noisy but better than going through those hills on foot which it would take way longer and consequently increase the chances of leaving scent and be seen by deer.

Is this a good approach? I get pictures at both day and night so I know there are deer on my property at night too but I'd rather visit the cameras at night than during hunting hours. Also if I'm planning on hunting the next morning sometimes I just go blind and get the cards back on my way out from the hunt to avoid any unnecessary disturbance.

How do you do it? Am I doing it right?


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I almost always use a quad to check my cams and make a point to condition deer to this before the season arrives. Often times I have checked cams, then had pictures of deer within 20 minutes of me leaving. Sounds to me like you are going about things the right way. I rarely hang a camera in sensitive places and if I do, then I change my approach. If I decide to hang a camera in a sensitive area, it is always during the season, so I choose rainy or wet days to hang the camera and check it. I also make sure to be as scent free as I would if I were hunting that location. I always wear gloves when handling my cameras as well.

I'd continue on the way you are right now. Knowing the general locale of your land, those deer are no strangers to quads, so I have no reason to think they would associate it with danger. Especially at night...


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2 Am in the snow! With a big gun!


10 Pm in the rain! With a big gun.

There be bears n shit in them woods

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