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  1. at1010

    cams that send emails

    Guys I need suggestions. I know some of you know a lot about this stuff. I want a camera or two that will email me pics when they are taken. Can someone give me good brands? I heard I just need to buy a prepaid card, and make sure my camera has cell service? I should be able to do...
  2. Mao

    Checking Cams or Over Checking Cams

    I have procrastinated more than ever this year with the trail cams. A week ago I put three out and I still need to get two others out. I vowed last year that I would wait a month between cam checks. I know that is going to be tough to do. It has been discussed at length on here the damage of...
  3. bigten05

    bigtens 2013 trail cams

    i dont have many pics rigth now , ive only checked one camera thats behind my house on my two acres but figured id get this started anyways. im pretty impressed with wht im seeing so far behind my place got some decent bucks showing up. ive got a total of 7 cams out now just waiting a few weeks...
  4. xbowguy

    Xbow's Trail Cam's 2012

    Getting a late start this year. This is best pic so far today.
  5. Rutin

    Finally got my KY cams out

    Well this past weekend I finally got down to KY to get my cameras out in hopes that some of my bucks made it through last season. I have several deer that are 160"+ on these farms but heard that one may have been killed by the neighbor last year. Theres ALOT of poaching down there so who knows...
  6. Monster Raxx

    Who has their cams on water?

    Who has their cameras on ponds, creek crossings, or even kidde pools now?
  7. Rutin

    Trail Cams.... IR vs. Blackout

    Whats everyone think when it comes to deer seeing IR glow vs. total blackouts? Does it affect certain bucks and do they dodge cameras they know glow? I truely believe every deer is different when it comes to cameras, every deer has a different temperment and mindset when they see the red...
  8. Rutin

    Trail cams

    How does everyone utilize their trail cams? Do you focus on feed sources, transitions, bed skirts, bait? How do you use your trail cam info to better your chances at killing target deer? Do you use scent control while hanging and checking them? Do trail cams dictate when you hunt and when you...
  9. Schu72

    Clearing out the cams

    Here are a few pics from a camera I set up for my Mom. She wanted a pseudo security camera watching the driveway when they winter in Florida. Here are a few visitors that showed up.
  10. T

    Trail cam's from 2011

    Figured i would post a few cam photo's.Hope you all like them....
  11. saddlepants

    Hey you guys with trail cams and such...

    Question. If you kill a Buck that has been actively working a scrape/rub lines do you notice if Other bucks work these same lines after he is gone? Like Should I expect this one area Im hunting to be worked in about the same lines next season as this buck if he gets shot?? Im sure scouting tells...
  12. RedCloud

    FOR SALE Heads Up on 2 Primos Truth 35 cams

    At the end of the month I am going to sell both of my Primos Truth 35 trail cams. I have had them a year and wrote a review on them that is posted here on the site. They still work just like they did when I purchased them. Great little cams but I want to go a different route and need to get...
  13. RedCloud

    Leupold Trail cams

    I just seen where Leupold is getting in on the cash cow of trail cams. http://www.leupold.com/rcx/ 10 megapixels 10°/45° Dual PIR 45/90ft max trigger range 36/40 infared LEDs More info » Suggested Retail $279.99 SKU #112200
  14. JD Boyd

    Predator trail cams no more

    Just found out that Predator closed there doors friday. So now I have 2 cams in my garage that needed to be sent back for repairs and now I can't get them fixed. Owner lost everything. Sad to hear that about someone but now I'm out the $$$ for the cams...
  15. Mike

    DEAL Wildview cams

    Just got via email. Probably not very good, but maybe for someone who wants to set a bunch... http://www.wildviewcam.com/email_1210_1/index.html
  16. RedCloud

    Recent Pics

    Then Just for Beentown :D Hey Jack, Can you load video into the album or does it have to be put on another site and copied over to here to put in a post ?