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  1. DJK Frank 16

    Lee Classic Turret Press

    I took the plunge over the weekend and equipped my shop with a reloader. Got the bench all cleaned up and and organized the night before, as well as hung a shelf for supplies. Here is all of the equipment on the shelf and bench after initial install. Ended up with a Lee Classic 4...
  2. xbowguy

    Deerassic Classic

    Does anyone attend the Deerassic Classic in Cambridge? We've attended 3 years in a row now and have a Great Time at this event. We stay in the Campground and pretty much live Deer, Beer and Concerts for 3 days...... www.deerassic.com Just curious with as many deer fanatic's we have, figured a...
  3. Kaiser878

    Anyone following the bassmaster classic?

    It started yesterday! THis is the first year I have really followed it intently. My buddy that I grew up racing with and used to fish a little with is fishing in it... He didnt have a great day yesterday and doesnt look to be having a good day today...but It also doesnt look as if they are...
  4. bowhunter1023

    *** Classic & Featured Forum Tutorial ***

    Welcome to the newest addition of The Ohio Outdoors… The “Classic & Featured Threads” forum! The idea behind having a forum featuring certain threads is to showcase the most memorable stories we have to offer as a collective group. Inside this forum we will continue to run the monthly Buck of...
  5. "J"

    Anyone watching the Bassmasters classic????

    Aaron Martens is in the lead after the first day.... I like Gary Klein but he's kinda in a hole after day one so I think he's out of it for the most part, but and there's always a butt lol... He may make a run for it on day two....