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*** Classic & Featured Forum Tutorial ***


Staff member
Welcome to the newest addition of The Ohio Outdoors… The “Classic & Featured Threads” forum!

The idea behind having a forum featuring certain threads is to showcase the most memorable stories we have to offer as a collective group. Inside this forum we will continue to run the monthly Buck of the Month feature; along with archiving past TOO Bucks of the Month on the Homepage. A new semi-regular feature here on TOO will be inductions into The Ohio Outdoors Hall of Fame. The concept behind the TOO HOF is creating a place where we can show case the best of the best from our most treasured stories. I will be archiving stories on the Homepage, while releasing a new story on a bi-weekly basis for the first few months. Eventually the TOO HOF inductions will become a monthly feature. I want these stories to come from you all, so please feel free to PM or email the story of your most treasured trophy, regardless of species or means of harvest. The first induction to The Ohio Outdoors Hall of Fame will be come to fruition sometime this week.

You will also find a sub-forum labeled “First Kills”, which is more or less self-explanatory! The stories of our first kills are often our favorite stories and they are always fun to share with others. Please feel free to share with us at your convenience, the stories surrounding your first successful harvest of any animal, by any means. And feel free to share multiple stories! I only ask that we not blow our collective load in the first few days! LOL!!! A slow trickle of stories in this forum is sure to keep things lively around here!!!

I hope you all will enjoy the great content that will no doubt filter through these forums over the coming weeks, months, and years. The Ohio Outdoors is a community of seasoned and dedicated hunters; the stories we have to share are the stories only we can tell. Let’s make sure the campfire never goes cold…