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  1. Johnch

    Went Rambo on a coon today

    Well I had tryed to be nice .....sort of A good freind in town has a problem coon A BIG ! coon It has been living in their gardge ....er barn Pooping all over And not afraid of you , other than to hide A steel barn they keep the mowers and his duck boat I have for the last...
  2. C

    coon hunting

    how is the coon hunting around Cygnet Ohio? is it hard to find a places to run a dog? is there a coon club close by? Move to the area this summer.
  3. Curran

    White Coon?? Say What??

    Switched out memory cards today on the SpyPoint and had over 700 pictures in the past two weeks!! Too bad most were of a branch that must have blown down in the high winds a few weeks back that happened to get hung up on a vine off to the side of the camera. The others were mainly off...
  4. ohio mossy oak

    coon vs coyote

  5. Johnch

    Opperation Coon Carnage has begun

    I went out for a walk Sat and saw the coon had started eating the feild corn So this AM dad called the Game Warden He got the OK to start crop damage traping them After work I had time to set 6 Dog Proof traps I have 2 more traps , but ran out of marshmellows ......and the...
  6. rossbows


    I put out two feeders this year for the first time with cams on them and all I get is coon a have seen ten there at one time. How do I get rid of them so the deer will come in.
  7. aholdren

    Damn Coon!

    He is definitely a smart one. I have a live trap sitting beside my trash cans that this bastard keeps getting in, he will reach in the sides and pull whatever I put in there out the sides, but wont go in the front. When he gets fed up with that he jumps in my garbage can and proceeds to rip...
  8. camofry

    Coon camp

    Was thinking of tryin to have a coon camp this late Sept or early Oct and was wanting to know how many of you had dogs (coon dogs, not shit eaters).
  9. Huckleberry Finn

    For you coon dog lovers

    Is it a good or bad thing when the dog climbs the tree?? (From my buddy)
  10. badger

    Some Old Coon Hunting Pics

    Been going through old photo albums and uploading some pics to the mac. Came across these and thought some of you might enjoy them. I'm not putting captions by each as I don't remember the details.