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Opperation Coon Carnage has begun

I went out for a walk Sat and saw the coon had started eating the feild corn

So this AM dad called the Game Warden

He got the OK to start crop damage traping them

After work I had time to set 6 Dog Proof traps
I have 2 more traps , but ran out of marshmellows ......and the skeeters were trying to carry me away

Probely will also put out a few snare's and leg holds yeat along the creek and a couple of box traps in the barn for sure

I will also make a Yote snare set or 2 with the carcase's

This is total war
Can't aford to lose over a acre if not 2 of corn to them every year


Huckleberry Finn

Senior Member
If it makes you feel any better, I've killed 2 in the last three days....

Can't seem to catch the groundhogs but I'm an equal opportunity trapper that doesn't discriminate. If you go into my trap and eat my sweet corn, I will shoot you. Gurandamntee it!
Well that didn't take long
I placed a Dog Proof next to the barn

My lab needed out a few min ago so I took a quick look
1 Med sized coon so far tonight

I re set the trap and hope to have another one there in the AM

I can now say 100% for sure
The Duke Dog Proof will hold a huge coon without pull out

Dad is going to run the traps in the AM and I will reset them after work
This AM there was a 2X or maybe 3X large coon in 1 of the Dog proof traps
It was as big as I have ever caught , everything he wanted to carry
:smiley_clap: :smiley_clap: :smiley_clap: :smiley_clap: so far



*Supporting Member*
I have removed 21 coon out of gardens in the last 4 days . The 2 stinkers and 1 ground hog was extras. Now the work starts tomorrow. I have 3 coyotes I need to remove from the village.
Hey John how 'bout an update? hearing about dead coons brightens my day -

My signature is has been updated
28 caught in traps
2 young of the year in a tree next to MaMa who was in a trap

And the 4 stinky and the 3 possium

BTW You can catch both possiun and skunk in a Dog Proof trap :tantrum:

Only 1 coon today , my best day was 4
Either our corn is getting to mature for thier taste :smiley_chinrub:
Or I have put a good dent in the local population :pickle: :pickle: