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  1. K

    Coyote questions

    I've always killed coyotes, as we've always had some sort of livestock. Never went out hunting them though, alway's just shot them as they came up to the farm. Thinking about coyote hunting, so I figure I should ask some questions. 1). What's a good round for Coyote hunting? I've always...
  2. S

    Coyote Samples Wanted - Your Help Needed!

    Hello. I'm the state's furbearer biologist for the Ohio DNR. I am working jointly with a geneticist to determine the percentages of coyote, wolf, and dog DNA in Ohio coyotes. Ohio is unique in that it is a place where the eastward expansion of coyotes is meeting the southwestern expansion of...
  3. Bowhunter57

    Legal Coyote Trap?

    I know a gentleman that has good success trapping coyotes. When I asked how he trapped them, he stated that he used 2" treble hooks, similar to the ones used for turtle traps in trot lines. He's had his best success using deer liver. He hangs this set up about 5' off the ground, on a cable. When...
  4. Bowhunter57

    Coyote pack mousing a field

    The things you see, when you don't have your rifle. :smiley_depressive: I was driving about a half mile north of my house, headed to the range with 3 handguns. I look over into a wheat stubble field, about 150 yards out and I see 4 coyotes. They appeared to be "mousing" and combing the area...
  5. yotehunter

    coyote hound pups

    Our coyote hunting group had a great arrival too day. One of our better females had a litter of 8 today. We have been excited about this since we bred her. Its always enjoyable starting young dogs a watching them mature into great hounds.
  6. Bowhunter57

    30 caliber coyote rifle

    I want to purchase a 30 caliber rifle for coyote hunting. Accuracy and speed are the main criteria that I want in a rifle...in that order. Accuracy out to 400 yards and speed for light weight bullets with good fragmentation. Brand-wise, I prefer Savage rifles...however, I may have to choose...
  7. Boarhead

    Coyote Pictures

    Here are some pictures i took of some snared coyotes.
  8. Bowhunter57

    Help me choose a new coyote rifle!

    I'd like some suggestions for a new coyote rifle. My criteria is: * Larger than .223/5.56 caliber (I like how dead my .25-06 kills varmints). * Semi-auto action...maybe a lever-action. * Doesn't have to be an AR platform, but nothing wrong with it. H&K, Steyr, BAR, etc. * Open sights or...
  9. Boone

    Doe vs. Coyote

    Over in coyote land I got a cool series of photos of a momma doe chasing away a coyote so she and her fawn could feed in the clearing. I like how she pins her ears back in the second photo.
  10. Mike

    Dead coyote pup

    I figured you guys might enjoy this pic. Not sure how it died, but it's skull was in pieces. Do they eat their own?
  11. Bowhunter57

    Who uses larger calibers for coyote?

    I used to use an AR, in .223, for coyotes. After having several runners, I switched to a .25.06 and the running has stopped. :smiley_bril: I really enjoy the ergonomics of the AR platform, for hunting and have been considering another one. However, this time I'm going to start out with...
  12. Boone

    Coyote Cam

    I changed the card in one of my cameras and was excited the readout listed 451 photos in two weeks and hoped I would finally see something worth shooting. All of the pictures were coyotes :tantrum: The landowner has been seeing a pair with 6 pups. The camera must be close to their den. I...
  13. brock ratcliff

    Intersting coyote problem

    I hate coyotes. I think that has been well established. I got a phone call today from a buddy of mine ( he is helping me coach Mason's baseball team). He owns Holly Hills hunting preserve which is just outside of town. They primarily shoot birds out there, but he also has a 100 acre...
  14. hickslawns

    Tanned coyote is home!

    Debated on this thread or the dead deer wall thread. Figured I would go this direction with it. I picked up my tanned coyote from Whitetail Specialties tonight. He is one of our TOO guys and a great guy to deal with. I was impressed with the work. Not much else to add other than here it is...
  15. Bowhunter57

    Coyote Shot Patterns

    I patterned some coyote ammo, today and was pleasantly surprised. Dead Coyote Ts: 44 pellets @ 50 yards. Pattern 24" wide & 21" tall. 8" above center...or 8" above the target dot. 42 pellets @ 40 yards. Pattern 24" wide & 21" tall. 10" above center. Remington HD in BBs: 64 pellets...
  16. TeamNordicHunters

    Ohio Wild Hog, Spring Turkey and Coyote

    Hi we are a group of hunters in NW Ohio, that are planning a hunting/camping trip to Zaleski state forest, Vinton county Ohio, we are leaving on April 25th and will start the hunting April 26th to April 29th, if you would be interrested in joining us hunting some Boar, Turkey or Coyote check...
  17. matt hougan

    coyote hides

    I am going to make a custom gun case for my muzzle loading shotgun. I want to custom fit styrafoam and line the styrafoam wih coyote hide. Anyone near Dayton with a few extra hides. I can cover some ammo cost.
  18. H

    coyote clinic

    this was posted to my face book page . thought it mite be of some interst for some . http://www.ohiodnr.com/Home/News/NewsReleaseArchives/tabid/19075/EntryId/2652/Free-Coyote-Hunting-Trapping-Workshop-in-Akron.aspx
  19. Gern186

    2012 Coyote Harvest Thread

    Let's get this thing going...... I'll start with these 2 from Sunday.
  20. Ohiosam

    Coyote hunting school and contest

    In Columbiana co.