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  1. Mao

    Double with Stitches

    My goal for this turkey season is complete. My dad finally connected on a longbeard. Going into this year that was the one goal I set out to accomplish and it all came together yesterday. I have been trying for three years now to no avail to get my dad a big old gobbler. We have had our close...
  2. jagermeister

    Double Trouble

    A buddy and I met up this morning for a hunt in Medina County and, needless to say, it went extremely well. He had seen birds in a nearby picked soybean field strutting yesterday, so we knew they'd be in the area. We had an idea where they'd roost but we couldn't slip in close enough...
  3. hickslawns

    Double split brow

    So I posted the right split brow buck and he isn't going to make the cut this year. Until this year I have NEVER gotten a picture of a buck with a split brow tine (let alone double splits) in the last 4 years of running a camera. I have run cameras on 6-8 properties and they are spread out...
  4. jagermeister

    Canada double

    Work was slow today so instead of rotting in the office all afternoon I decided to take off a couple hours early and head to a field. None of my big cornfields have been holding birds this week, so my only choice was to hunt a sileage field that's within a couple hundred yards of the roost...
  5. jagermeister

    Single Reed vs. Double Reed

    Alright... So a few weeks ago, in the Duck Calling Basics thread, I posted the following in response to bthompson's question about whether I prefer a single or double reed call... Here in the past week, I have come to realize that what I posted wasn't completely accurate, and I've actually...
  6. matt hougan

    Double Uh Oh

    Today Nathan my 12 year old was the man. We had three does come in. Momma leading the way. Nathan tried getting a bead on her as she past his his shooting lanes. He moved his aim into the meadow ahead of her and waited. She entered the meadow and went to turn away from us. A timely "hey" and she...
  7. C

    double on tape

    Wacked 2 nannies
  8. Bowhunter57

    Slow moving cyclist, heavy traffic, double yellow lines...

    There I was...behind a slow moving cyclist. Double yellow lines, heavy traffic and my wife was getting very upset that there were no other routes to take. Not wanting to break the law or take any chances while passing...there I was stuck behind the cyclist. :smiley_chinrub: Finally, after...
  9. deerjunkie

    Double crab claw video

    Hey guys, I just got the video of my Ohio buck on teh website this morning. Two years in a row I have been blessed to take a buck on Oct 30th and over a decoy. If anyone is looking for me this Oct 30th...don't bother, I will be in the tree all day...lol. http://faithatfulldraw.com/?p=553...
  10. C

    Double bling

    After getting more and more frustrated about our lack of bands this yr we managed back to back bands on the last day of duck season on mallards. Mine was from Manitoba in 2007. The other was badly worn and will need to be treated with acid to raise the numbers.