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Double crab claw video


Super Moderator
Super Mod
Somewhere OHIO
Awesome video as usual Dale.

The closest I have come to taking one on that date was 09' season when I took a doe on Oct. 17th

I might just have to tag along with you on the 30th to take a stud of buck on that date next year lol.


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Canton, Ohio
I still don't know how that buck made it to the woods with that much blood pumping out.
Here is a good example of the image quality you lose on YouTube. When you watch the raw video as soon as the arrow goes in the deer you can instantly see blood blowing out that entrance hole. Then right after it starts running away you can literally see blood spraying out both sides. Unfortunately you can't see it all that well on YouTube.
WOW! I am impressed! Great vid on a great buck! The editing superb! Congrats and thank you very much for sharing!
I love the music on that video, it really does something for the video.....
Great Video!!! I agree with gecko... Music is awesome..
That really sums it up...Great footage,great editing ,great choice of music an when to play it an sync it up with the kill shot..Keep them coming