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  1. reo

    Early Season Skeeters

    What do you use to keep the skeeters at bay and make the time on stand tolerable during the early season while not stinking up the entire woods thus spooking every deer around?
  2. Ohiosam

    MLK, the early years.

  3. Big H

    Almost started my season early

    Had to slam on the brakes this afternoon to miss a nice longbeard that ran across the road in front of me. Not too far from you JB.
  4. bowhunter1023

    TOO March Buck of the Month: Adam Buxton's Early Season Conquest

    I'd like to start with my apology to Adam for taking so long to get this posted. The life and times of an operational landman (and website owner) are busy as can be these days, so I am lagging behind on getting this posted. Now that I have finally have our latest BOTM ready for showtime...
  5. D

    Early Muzzy season...could it be.....

    Yes it could....just spoke with Mike T deer manager for the state of Ohio and he is thinking about allowing an early muzzy season (anterless only) for zone c only in October. Many of us on here believe the deer #'s are not what they were and our deer sightings have dropped, including mine...
  6. D

    Shooting does early VS late

    What's your opinion when it comes to shooting does early VS late? Personally I would rather shoot a doe later in the season just so I don't bugger up my spots for prime time (tracking and disturbing area). In addition, I like to have as many does as I can on and around my property from Oct-15...
  7. jagermeister

    Early goose season

    Only about a month away now boys! Is anyone else starting to see flocks of geese out in the fields now? I've been having a couple big groups fly over the house in the evenings pretty regularly now. Seeing flocks here and there in the cut hay fields also.
  8. twireman

    Two bucks in early morning fog...

    Thought these were pretty cool pictures in early morning fog...enjoy!
  9. Hoytmania

    Early Christmas Gift!!!

    Well I have been putting off starting this thread for quite some time now because I just didn't know really where to start. I know I have been kind of quiet on the boards through this season, but I have just been in a real funk. I would say I was in this funk even before the season started...
  10. H

    early christmas

    this is what im picking up tomarrow for my early christmas . 223 ultra varmiter by h&r i have an 4x18 bsa scope im going to top it with , gonna try that one befor i buy better glass for it . any body own one of these . read good and bad on how they shoot . but will be fun playing with it...
  11. Mao

    Christmas Came Early Boys!

    Dad and I went to check a camera today at our honey hole location. The land owner drove by and told us to hop in his truck. We talked for a few and then he told us that he bought the neighboring property that butts up to his land. It is 63 acres that is largely wooded, connects to a corn field...