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early christmas

this is what im picking up tomarrow for my early christmas . 223 ultra varmiter by h&r
i have an 4x18 bsa scope im going to top it with , gonna try that one befor i buy better glass for it . any body own one of these . read good and bad on how they shoot . but will be fun playing with it till im happy with the way it shoots . zoom_ultra_varmint_T.jpg


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I bought one of the Handy Rifles in .270 for my son. It has been so long ago I don't remember how well it shot. He did kill a couple deer in GA with it. We still have it.


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Sunbury, OH
Had one in .223 and it was a fine shooter. It liked the cheap XM193. It was an 1/8th over MOA with the cheap stuff.