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  1. S

    Easton Axis / Slick Tricks

    Wantin to buy some 125gr Slick Tricks to pair up with my Axis 400's HIT. Should I order some broadhead adapter rings as well? I don't mind the extra weight if it means saving some shafts. What say you? Thanks
  2. jagermeister

    2 Hunting Arrow Choices... Looking for Opinions

    Bow: 2010 Strother Infinity - 60# - 29.75" DL Here is my current arrow setup... Easton Flatline 340 - 29" - 375 grains (100 gr tip) OT2 says... static spine = .340, dynamic spine = .3328 301 fps, 11.6% FOC, 75.74 lbs KE Here is what I'm thinking of switching to... Easton ST Excel 300 - 30"...
  3. bthompson1004

    Easton Flatlines

    Do you use the recommended Broadhead adapter ring? Are they necessary in your opinion?
  4. Rutin

    FOR SALE Easton Axis Nano 340

    I have 9 total Easton Axis Nano n-fused arrows. 8 have new Fusion 2" vanes (2 white/ 1 red) and 1 has 2" Blazers (2 white/ 1 orange). I bought these a year ago and used only a few. These were used for target practice and not hunting so they a near flawless. These measure 27 3/4" from nock to...
  5. Mao

    FOR SALE Easton Fatboy 400's and Stokerized 18" Stabilizer

    I have five Easton fatboy 400's for sale. They are in excellent condition and are 28' from the throat nock to tip. Total arrow weight is around 325. They are fletched with 4 inch feathers. $50 tyd... The stabilizer is a Stokerized like new with light end weight. It is 18" and a great...