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  1. E

    Erie Report 4-28

    A big thanks goes out to Indiana Angler member, shovelholdsdirt (Tony) and his crew for all their hard work today. We left the dock at 5:30 this morning under cloudy skies and light winds, but it didn't take long for the rain to set in and the wind to pick up. We started fishing in 12 fow and...
  2. reo

    Erie smallies

    Nice day on the lake today :smiley_blink:
  3. E

    Erie Perch/Walleye Report 9-1

    We had an awesome day of fishing today. Due to a family emergency, four of my guys couldn't make it so it was just Randy (maul35) and myself. I headed ne of B can where I had some perch icons from a couple of weeks ago. We had a slow pick at first but the ite got better after about 30 min. We...
  4. E

    My daughter's first trip to Erie

    I took my daughter out for the first time today for a boat ride and about 30 minutes of fishing just outside the marina. We caught a walleye, a yellow perch, and two sheephead. She had a blast playing with the worms, helping me with the clips and bands when rigging the board lines, reeling in...
  5. Mike

    Six Lake Erie water samples test positive for Asian carp eDNA

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 13, 2012 Media Contacts Michigan DNR: Jim Dexter 517-373-3375, Debbie Munson Badini 906-226-1352 Ohio DNR: Rich Carter 614-565-8910, Bethany McCorkle 614-406-2011 Six Lake Erie water samples test positive for Asian carp eDNA Michigan...
  6. E

    Erie Report June 21-24

    Walleye fishing is still very good with limit to near limit catches coming in daily. Late last week, I found some active fish in close near crane creek in 18-19 fow. Fish were caught trolling spoons, j-7's, and harnesses. There were some really nice fish in the area with the biggest going 28.5"...
  7. E

    Erie Report 6-15

    Fishing was very good for Steve Floyd and family on the walk on trip this morning. We started out casting but only managed one eye after an hour. Once we threw the boards in the water, it was on and we were heading in at 1:30. We ended the day with 32 eyes (could have limited but the crew was...
  8. E

    Erie Report June 12,13

    We started trolling yesterday and had a slow pick all day and managed to pull 23 eyes before heading in. Today, the lake was pretty bumpy in the morning so we waited until it started laying down around 11:30. The bite was on as soon as we started setting lines and we had a 6 man limit by 4:30...
  9. C

    Lake Erie fun shoot

    A bunch of us are gonna be camping and bowfishing this weekend . We are based in east harbor state park but you can go anywhere and shoot. We are having a animal fry on Saturday afternoon . Gimme a call if ya got questions. 3306014831....
  10. C

    Lake Erie grass carp

    Went up to Erie a few weeks ago and shot this 52.5 lb grass carp .
  11. Longdraw

    There still eating at old Erie!!!!!

    We put around 40 smallies and 25 largemouths in the boat sat.,and fished for around 4hrs. this morning and hooked into around 25 more bass,got me a decent one yesterday he is 20.5@6lbs.,my big ass makes everything look small when I hold it for a picture lololololololollmao A snake...
  12. DJK Frank 16

    Thousands of Walleye Dead On Erie

    Anyone read into this yet? I had a buddy of mine call me yesterday and tell me about it, but hadn't read the articles yet. Looks like this nasty spring has been tough on a lot things! http://www.detnews.com/article/20110514/METRO/105140338/1409/lake-erie-walleye-die-off-a-mystery
  13. badger

    Lake Erie

  14. swantucky

    Icefishing Erie Gear / Walleye

    I will start by saying this is going to be a fairly long thread. I am going to start with safety gear first. I am going to be long winded and explain why I carry what I do. I have added and subtracted stuff from this list over the years and this is what I feel is my minimum safety gear for...
  15. Johnch

    Walleye Lures for Lake Erie

    Well I was looking in my tackle box I keek the ice fishing stuff in And all I found was pan fish stuff Not suprising , since I have not been out on Erie in 10+ years and I let my brother use my gear 2 years back So it looks like we might get out on the lake yeat this year...
  16. C

    2011 Lake Erie fun shoot/get together

    I would love to see some of you TOO guys there. This is just a fun weekend to camp out, BS, eat, and shoot some fish. 3rd annual Lake Erie Bowfishing Get Together and Fun shoot May 20th-May 22nd East Harbor State Park This shoot is all about learning, having fun, and visiting...