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Walleye Lures for Lake Erie

Well I was looking in my tackle box I keek the ice fishing stuff in

And all I found was pan fish stuff
Not suprising , since I have not been out on Erie in 10+ years and I let my brother use my gear 2 years back

So it looks like we might get out on the lake yeat this year :smiley_cheer:

So if I get a chance , I need to pick up a few lures

What are the best few to pick up ?
Used to be Pimples , but I don't remember the size



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Swedish pimples are always money out on the lake. But I would also stock up on jigging Rapalas, too. Clown color jigging Rap can be dynamite! I also have heard of guys doing well with Vibees, or any other blade-style baits.


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Swanton, Ohio
I have not forgotten about you John......I have been busy with work and scrapping. As soon as I get caught up I plan to do an Erie thread starting with safety gear and ending with what has caught fish for me. There are a handful of lures I would not be without. If you have the rods you can get by with $50 worth of "go to" lures. I want to get caught up around here and do the thread right. I plan lots of pics of my stuff but you will have to listen to a bunch of my "war stories" out there in the process:smiley_crocodile: