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  1. Monster Raxx

    One of My Favorite Pics Of The Year

    Here is one of my favorite pics I have gotten this year. I really like the black and white look in the transition phase.
  2. Bowhunter57

    What's your favorite bullet weight for varmints?

    I've had good kills and good accuracy with 55gr. Hornady V-Max bullets. I've reloaded them in .22-250 and plan to do the same with a .223 that I intend to purchase. I've shot 45gr. JHP bullets and they're "ok" for g-hogs, but not so much for coyotes. Even so, the heavier 55gr. bullet weight...
  3. at1010

    favorite grunt tube

    Anyone have a favorite? I loved my MAD hypergrowl or something like that but I freaking lost it!
  4. Curran

    Favorite Pics from year's gone by

    Thought this would be another fun thread to get going. Post up some of your favorite trail cam pics from season's gone by. Bucks, does, fawns, coyotes, chupacabra, whatever you got that left an impression... Here's a few of mine: This was a buck I called Hightower. Had only night time...
  5. CJD3

    Whats your Favorite SNL skit?

    Here are a few of mine... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6R5xcydYKqU Thanks Dale http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0uvVZg4Tw4 The Super Bass-O-Matic http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BQFv83QJ2Y&feature=related
  6. Monster Raxx

    Some of my favorite trail cam video's

    I was going through some of my trail cam videos. These are some of my favorite ones. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFQTCVurLgk&list=UU88WCMUEOf4O3Gjl95YGFeA&index=6&feature=plcp http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFpu__G5duE&list=UU88WCMUEOf4O3Gjl95YGFeA&index=3&feature=plcp...
  7. Monster Raxx

    My favorite pic from last year.

    Here is my favorite trail camera pic from last year.
  8. rossbows

    favorite call and why

    My favorite call is a glass cody call it is loud and crisp. I have killed all of my birds with this call they just love the sound.
  9. hickslawns

    Favorite caliber for coyotes?

    Given the conversation regarding the use of an AK47 for coyote hunting, I cannot believe we don't have a thread about favorite coyote guns yet. Or maybe we do and I was just to lazy to do a search first. hahah I recall someone asking if you would use a slug gun for coyotes? I think the...
  10. Schu72

    Favorite NFL team

    Who's your team? I've been a long time Seattle Seahawks fan. Not really sure how that took hold years and years ago. I have also become quite a Browns fan although there hasn't been much to cheer about in the last decade or so.rotflmao
  11. hickslawns

    Basket 8pt found his favorite tree

    Nothing spectacular, but I did capture this small basket 8pt working over a sapling on a couple different days. Worked it for a little over 2min on 9-5-11 and a tad over a minute on 9-8-11. He had already peeled prior to the 5th.
  12. Buckslayer

    Favorite outdoor pics thread

    I thought I would post some of my favorite pics I have either taken or had on trail cam over the years. Everyone should post up some of theirs also. Im sure many of you have seen these pics, but for those who havent enjoy em. Found these in a friends grandparents garage, tried to buy...
  13. Riverdude

    Your favorite group / concert

    So what was your favorite group or concert you went TOO growing up and what is favorite group now? I was big in TOO: Journey REO Speed Wagon Kiss Ted Nugent Queen Meat Loaf AC / DC Aero Smith Brian Adams Van Halen Just to name a few. Best concert? Queen...
  14. Dannmann801

    What's your favorite gun in your collection?

    Ok, so Sunday I take 3 guns to the range, my muzzy, my 30-30, and my Ruger 10/22. Needed to sight in the muzzy and 30-30. Took the 10/22 just to have it. After shooting all three, I realized that the 10/22 is my favorite gun in my whole collection. I am most fond of it. It's not the most...
  15. moundhill

    Favorite sound?

    Seems random, but whats everyone favorite sound? I aquired a new favorite sound this passed weekend. When a tom fans out and drums, phew, gives me a rush. So whats everyone elses?
  16. DJK Frank 16

    What is your favorite wood to burn?

    Put a wood burner in my garage earlier this year and have been talking with various guys who burn wood. It seems that everyone has their own "favorite" wood they like to burn in their house or building. What is your favorite? I know Oak is one that everyone likes but the Oak I have has...
  17. Riverdude

    Favorite Superbowl Commercial

    I know we have a few more hours to kick off but figured I would get this thread started before someone else does. So what was your favorite Superbowl Commercial? :smiley_chinrub:
  18. cotty16

    What's your favorite smell?

    So? What is it? Besides the obvious that is on the mind of all you horny bastages out there...:smiley_babe: The first thing that pops in my mind is a freshly struck match.:smiley_cigar:
  19. U

    my new favorite place

    wentto the dentist today , to see what its gonna cost me to get my teeth fixed, besides the 5 grand its gonna cost me the visit was great , i laid back and watched the versus channel while he worked on my teeth , this place is awesome you get to watch t.v while they work on your teeth ...
  20. Bowhunter57

    What's your favorite hunting method?

    Turkey season is just a few months away. I've hunted them in several ways/methods. What's your favorite method of hunting turkeys? Do you use decoys with these methods? * Groundblinds. * Run & Gun. * Sit & Hide with natural cover. Thank you, Bowhunter57