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  1. Q

    spin feeders

    For those that run spin feeders... When do u have then go off? Time? How many sec? How long does corn last with your preferred setting?
  2. themedic

    Homemade Feeders

    Looking to build a couple feeders. Does anyone have a design they have built that works well? I would prefer it to resemble a Boss Buck Gravity Feeder
  3. Beentown


    I would like two feeders to put on a property. I want to start taking my girls out (they are actually riding my ass) and do a few sits. I figure with the corn that at least they could see some action. I have never been a big baiter but never had to be in the past... Anyway, what is the...
  4. Rutin

    Anyone use feeders?

    Does anyone use or have used feeders for deer? Im curious what you filled it with to supplement your deer. Ive never used a feeder before but I bought one for this new KY property I got since I know nothing about the property and want it for inventory purposes and not to hunt over. Im going down...
  5. Jackalope

    Feeders are like Bongs...

    . If you put your mind to it, you can make one out of anything. :smiley_clap::smiley_crocodile: Plywood, a tote, a ratchet strap and a brick for the slant and weight... Just add 120 pounds of corn and wala. A feeder. .