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Anyone use feeders?


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Ina Duck Blind
Does anyone use or have used feeders for deer? Im curious what you filled it with to supplement your deer. Ive never used a feeder before but I bought one for this new KY property I got since I know nothing about the property and want it for inventory purposes and not to hunt over. Im going down saturday to set it up and check my 4 cameras. Currently im going to put 100lbs of corn and 100lbs of Beet pulp pellets in it to give it a trail for a few weeks.
I know NOTHING about these feeders.... The closest Ive come to a feeder is taking a 5 gal. bucket of corn and dumping it.

So my main question is what do you fill your feeders with?


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I've always done corn, but I have a mix that I'm saving for later in the season when the food is scarce. I'll have to dig the bag out to see what it is. i don't even remember.
Beef pellets will work. Somebody posted something bad about them though... I can't remember who... on another thread about this last winter. Maybe it was Jack? I'm sure some others will chime in.
Good luck keeping the coons and turks off the corn.


Kirtland, Ohio
I too am new to feeders. I am using straight corn. It has seem to work well from our pictures we have gotten back. Good luck and keep me posted if you come up with any other ideas.


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Dayton, Ohio
I have three supplemental feeding stations (feeders) on my property. One on the far North side, one on the far South side and one one on the extreme West side. I usually fill them up once a month after the fall turkey opener. I will feed through Feb and then stop. I use on-time's buckeye feeder. It holds 200# and uses no batteries (gravity fed). During the early season it lasts for about 3 weeks. Come January they go through it in approx 10 days. My hope is with the feeders and food plots I can hold more deer than what my property would hold otherwise.


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If you are using a spreader set it to go off once a day this time of year. Mid nov. Turn it up they will us it more. I like to use hole corn and bean meal.