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  1. Bigslam51

    I'll finally introduce myself

    I guess I never clicked on this thread before. I'm Chad and I am from Stark County. I love bowhunting, last year was the first year I took all my deer with a bow, 3 does. And from this point on I will not pick up a firearm TOO harvest a deer! I'm sorry I'm so late on this, It's just that...
  2. Bowlowe


    Just started getting some daylight pics of deer on our hunting property, the cold snap must have gottem motivated
  3. 5Cent

    Finally some horn

    Long distance shot, but I think I know who this guy may be. Moved some cameras around tonight to hopefully get a better feel for who's passing through.
  4. yotehunter

    finally had time

    Finally had time too get out and catch a few walleye and a couple perch that measured over 13.5 inches. The walleye ran 19 to 22 inches. Reservoir fishing is tough at times and evenings like tonight makes it worth it.
  5. Ohiosam

    Finally home from the taxidermist

    Seems like it was there a million years.
  6. Outdoorsfellar

    1st fawn ... finally

    I was starting to get worried that I'd get skunked for the month of May. I've been getting a ton of doe pics, but they've been holding out on me, & the little ones inside. Soon this trail will be a highway of fawns .... Kinda makes ya feel like a proud papa :)
  7. buckbuster217


    Finally got a decent buck on camera, he will probably get a pass this year, should be a nice buck next year
  8. jagermeister

    Finally, something to get me excited...

    As many of you know, my newly-acquired hunting property up here has been anything but impressive on the trail camera and activity fronts this season. My mineral sights have gone virtually untouched by the deer. My expectations have been much lower than any other scouting season in the past, that...
  9. buckbuster217

    finally some bucks!!

    Pulled some cards this morning and finally have some bucks on them!! The buck in the first pic in the back doesnt look bad but its hard to tell
  10. Rutin

    Finally got my KY cams out

    Well this past weekend I finally got down to KY to get my cameras out in hopes that some of my bucks made it through last season. I have several deer that are 160"+ on these farms but heard that one may have been killed by the neighbor last year. Theres ALOT of poaching down there so who knows...
  11. Longdraw

    Finally after alot pain!!!!

    This was my 2nd time out this season,I pulled my hamstring and have been all gimped up,,so this morning I called in 4turkeys and the big one commited suicide 21.5lbs 2in. spurs 11in. beard never shot one with white bars on the tail fan
  12. Kaiser878

    2011 deer mount finally home!

    I picked up my deer from this past deer season yesterday...Overall I am pretty happy with it.
  13. bowhunter1023


    It has been a LONG three weeks trying to get access to some water I have been scouting and last night, I got the phone call I have been waiting on. Within the first minute after me explaining why I had called, the landowner on the other end of the line says: "Kill all the fucking geese you can...
  14. Gern186

    Finally a good Christmas story

    Check this out! http://videosift.com/video/59-Year-Old-Woman-Scores-Hole-In-One-Hockey-Trick-Shot
  15. M

    Finally got him!

    This is Stickers. Hes a 5.5 year old 174" 13 point we have been watching on trail cams and been looking for for 2 years. He finally made a fatal mistake on Monday. Enjoy! We sure are.
  16. D

    Can finally focus on deer....

    Since I got skunked opening weekend I decided to head back down today since I had the day off from work. Could only hunt a half day so I didn't really expect much. Decided to hunt the area my father took his bird from last weekend. Just like clock work, at approx 10am here came a nice flock of...
  17. saddlepants


    I got something to watch from my stand tonight. Some does but hey, meat right? I aint seen nuttin yet till tonight and in my own back lot. If I sit on the ground just a leeeetle closer to that old oak tree the does gonna die. I switched up my morning spot for an evening sit and finally had...
  18. Schu72

    Finally some shooters

    Well here they are....:smiley_coolpeace:
  19. F

    A shooter finally shows up

    A little shy maybe because of the flash but looks like a shooter to me :) I have seen more bucks and does this year on cam in the middle of the day than ever before
  20. So. Ohio Outfitters

    Finally got to go....

    Well, I finally got to go...had some mixed feelings. The experience was phenominal but the guide was green as could be, probably the shade of this pickle :pickle: bhahaha....anyways, went to the fort wayne area, the got alot of rain and the river was up....and very very muddy. The lakes we...