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  1. Huckleberry Finn

    Work now required for Ohio food stamps

    From the Dispatch: Seems like a small, small step in the right direction.
  2. MQ1-Z7

    Our spring food and deer plot

    I was out in the plot today and Here are some pics of our food plot i planted this late spring, Not many farmers close to here plant clover anymore and clover is a big part of the diet that they just dont get most places and it will last 5 to 8 years which will then give time for the trees to...
  3. bowhunter1023

    The Food Plot Chronicles

    We have several quality plots going among the members here and several of us have shared those experiences in various threads. It is nice to condense information regarding popular subjects, so I decided to start this thread as a common place for us to share our annual food plotting ventures...
  4. Rutin

    New House and food plot

    Well I bit the bullet and bought a new house..... Nice little 11 acre mini farm. The deer and pheasants are thick on the property already. The back half of the property is a crp field with mowed trails where the prior owner used to walk their mutts. My plan is to take 2-3 acres off the tree line...
  5. themedic

    Food plots seeded.....rain please rain

    Planted 3 food plots today. One is 3/4 of an acre and the other two are both a little over a 1/2. I two bottom plowed these and disked these up a week or so ago. Then today spread lime, 46-0-0 urea and some I used the Dbtree brassica mix of: Purple Top Turnips 3# Dwarf Essex Rape 2#...
  6. themedic

    Stone Celt Found in Food Plot

    I deep plowed 3-4 acres Monday in preparation for fall food plot plantings. Then we had heavy rains Tuesday and Wednesday so i thought I go take a look around for arrow heads. I wasn't in the field for 2 minutes when I saw a rounded end of a granite looking stone sticks half way out the dirt. I...
  7. L

    FOR SALE Two Whitetail mounts and a Food Saver

    I have two Whitetail deer mounts that I need to sale, as well as a Food Saver vacuum sealer system. The mounts were taken in Michigan and have legal tags on them. One is a 7 pt. and the other is an 8 pt. Neither of them are monsters but they have nice, unique basket racks on them. They are from...
  8. Big_Holla

    Food and Bedding Plots Are In

    This is the Old Saw food plot location. It's a small field tucked back in a corner behind a bigger agricultural field, not sure what they are planting there yet. The field is separated from that big field with a thin strip of brush and trees, very secluded. Here we planted Whitetail Select...
  9. bigten05

    bigtens 2013 food plots

    This year i decided to do some spring food plots, so a few weeks ago i got the tractor out and borrowed a 3pt tiller from my boss let me tell you that makes things so much easier than they way ive done them in the past. i laid each plot out with a mix of corn, clover and alfalfa. thanks to a...
  10. bowhunter1023

    Sandridge Outfitters 2013 Food Plot Plan

    The more I think about what to do, the more indecisive I get! Figured I would throw some information at you all and see what you guys would do in my shoes. I have never planted perennials before, but am considering it this year. I have never planted in the spring, but would like to plant one or...
  11. "J"

    Food City 500

    Heading too Bristol Tennessee for the NASCAR race next weekend this'll be my fourth time going and really looking forward too the road trip.... Beer and NASCAR racing watching it live.... Nothing like it.....
  12. jagermeister

    PERFECT Timing!

    This was the first September 1st in many years that I didn't get out to shoot either doves, geese, or teal. It was tough to hear of my brother's group shooting 3 limits of doves in just under 2 hours, or of Jake whacking 4 limits of geese by 7:30... I mean, that's just fuggin lights-out action...
  13. jagermeister

    Mowing before spraying???

    I'm hoping to head south this weekend and get some food plot prepping started. I have one spot (~1/2 acre) that's been a plot for 3 years, but I have two more spots in mind that have never been planted. These new spots are usually waist-high grass with a carpet of poison ivy underneath, this...
  14. jagermeister

    Holy Smartweed!

    I drove out to a property this morning to investigate a mosquito related complaint, anticipating a stagnant mosquito-infested mudhole. When I got there the swamp was damp, but mostly dried up. But what came up from the ground was this glorious sea of green! All of you guys that duck hunt...
  15. Boone

    New Fall Plot Step-by-Step

    I got started on my new fall plot project this weekend. We are putting in a new plot, about a half an acre, in part of an old, secluded field. The field is surrounded by a giant thicket and there is one good tree on the east side of the plot I can get a stand into, which set us up perfectly...
  16. dante322

    Poor mans food plot

    I'm sure I am not the only guy on this forum to face a bit of a snag in developing a food plot. I dont own any land, and the landowners who graciously allow me to hunt arent going to let me till up part of their feild to plant forage for the deer. Compound this with VERY limited budget that...
  17. Kaiser878

    Planting food plots....Timing?

    Can you plant a clover plot of a Buck Forage oats plot in early august??? When do most of you guys plant your turnips? August? I have never really fiddled with plots to much before. I am thinknig of messing with some this year though. I do not really intend on them working. I jsut wanna...
  18. hickslawns

    How to select best location for a food plot?

    Just curious what some of you guys feel is the best placement for a food plot? Obviously, different areas of the state will have plots with different needs. In areas devoid of agriculture, I am not sure it would matter a lot. I don't know. I live in agriculture country. The Drury brothers...
  19. A

    Food plots, Wildlife Consulting, MORE

    Hey guys! I am new on here, but love to hunt. I am on many sites, and just wanted to get on this one to join and talk hunting. I also am posting a link to a company I work for, but I plan to be around on this site to talk hunting with you all. http://www.racks-n-spurs.com/ Please take a...
  20. hickslawns

    Food plot plant knowledge thread

    Food plots are definitely becoming more popular every year. I am far from an expert, but have dabbled with them for 3 years now. Maybe I should say, this will be my third season planting them. With this topic becoming more popular, I thought a thread specifically for plants used would be a...