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  1. Riverdude

    Freaking Bas*tards are Back!!!!

    Ok, I work pretty hard, worked some extra days because of a issue on the Rig. I am tired, stinky, need to clean my house because I met a new girl I want to impress and guess whats back? DEM GOD DANG FRAKING TOADS CHERPIN DEM SUN'S OF BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Buckslayer

    Freaking hanger at sunset!!!

    My first hanger and #35 this year.
  3. C

    U gotta be freaking kidding me!

    With limited time to hunt this yr every time out is precious. I was on my way to a killer spot for my AM hint today only to have the bearing cap on my trucks u joint come off. Luckily I was able to turn around and slowly limp towards home . Guess i am gonna hunt the farm right by my house this...
  4. "J"

    I think I'm freaking jinxed

    Had too work the weekend... missed the first two days of Muzzy season.... figured the heck with it my motivational level was in the basement because of it... fast fwd yesterday I have a pm from ohiosam inviting me too go Muzzy hunting with his group of friends..... that was a tremendous pick me...
  5. U

    more freaking illegals with drugs