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I think I'm freaking jinxed


Bass fishing aficionado....
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Davie County, NC
Had too work the weekend... missed the first two days of Muzzy season.... figured the heck with it my motivational level was in the basement because of it... fast fwd yesterday I have a pm from ohiosam inviting me too go Muzzy hunting with his group of friends..... that was a tremendous pick me up spent all day yesterday getting my gear ready after I got home from work..... well about the end of the Indy jets first quarter I was feeling bad.... off to the bathroom where I spent the majority of the night.... woke up with the alarm.... hadn't lost anything in two hours.... a good sign although still felt like crap went to work made it to 0900 and off to the bathroom again... came home and im laying in bed with the worst cotton mouth in history and if I smell anything that resembles food I lose it fml..... thanks for the invite Sam it meant a lot....