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  1. "J"

    Jesse Jackson's a moronic fuggin idiot

  2. dante322

    fuggin potholes!

    The wife hit a big pothole. Bent the rim on our car. i knew we were going to be replacing the front tires this year, at about$150 apiece. But i wasnt planning on replacing a $450 rim. Just what we needed.
  3. ohio mossy oak

    Pretty fuggin creative if you ask me...

  4. saddlepants

    Watch out for FUGGIN Bird counters!

    The annual stupid mix-with -hunting -season -bird count -whoevers -bright -idea - that was is on this weekend, and most of them dont have the sense to wear orange not to mention they wander around in the woods just anywhere. Just be careful you dont shoot one of them...or maybe just go ahead....
  5. ohio mossy oak

    Just what I fuggin need 67 days before the season starts.

    I been battling Tendonitis in my bow arm since last summer..:smiley_boos:I shot my 07 Bear at 54lb all season.I got my 2010 Z28 in Feb an figured I would start with it turned down post injury.An I had not shot for a few months..Had it at about 52lb an it was great..I could shoot for an hour an...
  6. U

    fuggin verizon

    been having some power issues with my phone so i took it in to verizon to have em check it out , they tried doing a update on it and ended up crashing the mudder fugger. now it just goes to the verizon wireless emblem and keeps blinking like its trying to power up , here is the good thing about...
  7. Fluteman

    Fuggin' computer hackin' nerds

    Leave my shit alone! :tantrum: