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  1. C

    A few Misc Geese

    Well , since opening weekend ive struggled . The first weds poor rutin drove up to hunt the evening. Although birds had been in there heavy that was the night they disappeared. Figures . Fri morning Carl and I pulled a before work hunt .The landowner was adamant that just us two hunted. Well...
  2. jagermeister

    Rough morning... for the geese.

    Carpn, Kaiser, myself, and our friend Aaron met up this morning with plans to thin the goose population a bit. Yesterday we located a prime loafing area... a picked soybean field that had flooded within the past few days... There were probably 400-500 geese on it and quite a few ducks. Our...
  3. jagermeister

    Goose Hunting Fun

    Got an invite to hunt some geese with Carpn this morning over in Ashland County. The first big flock of birds unexpectedly came in cross-winded, jumped one of the wings of our spread, and landed off to our far right... pretty much eliminating any good shot opportunities for the whole group. We...
  4. matt hougan

    Black Powder Geese

    In 1995 my wife bought me a Pedersoli 10 ga. SXS as a college graduation present. I messed with it some but never really had much luck getting good patterns out of it. I have recently been inspired to drag that thing out of the closet and give it another go. I will be traveling north for an...
  5. matt hougan

    The basics of calling at incoming geese

    Again only the most basic information but enough to get you in trouble......LOL
  6. Curran

    All we need is just one more!!!

    Here ya go.. All we needed was just one more bird to finish the morning off and go home with a hard earned 4 man limit of geese... 3 birds came in from the south, made the turn, caught the wind, and finished right in the hole. The shooter did his thing and flipped a bird out of the group...
  7. jagermeister

    Geese are everywhere!

    I've been seeing shitloads of geese around here lately. A few of the fields I have permission to hunt are being hit pretty hard, which is definitely a plus. I'll be going out Thursday afternoon and Friday morning this week. Hopefully nobody else shoots them out of the fields before I can!
  8. U

    lots of geese

    pulled into my inlaws yesterday to hunt and what do i see , lots and lots of geese and a present for me i didnt see the deer till the last pic , so here i am standing out in the middle of a picked corn field wearing lotsa orange and i got this deer 200 yards away, this lil guy chased...