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  1. Big H

    First Groundhog of the Year!

    I was mowing the back yard and kept seeing him in the food plot. I had to go eat dinner and told my daughter I was going to shoot him off the mower. She didn't believe me.. I did... LOL :pickle:
  2. swamp_donkey819


    anyone ever eat groundhog, i talked to a few people that have some say its good others say tough and greasy. anyone ever try it or have any good recipes for it?
  3. JMMyers

    First Groundhog of the Season

    I waited several hours for this little sob to come out of his hole and when he finally did well you see how that ended for him. I really wanted to get the kill with my savage .22 with the forward grip I installed this morning.
  4. Buckrun

    Groundhog hunt

    I made this video about 5 years ago. I wasn't shooting very well this day. But I was proud of the video. Bowhunter57 might recognize this location. http://s918.photobucket.com/albums/ad22/Buckrun11/?action=view&current=Ghoghunt3.mp4