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  1. teej89

    How's this guys form?

    Looks pretty good to me... Nothing wrong there oh wait.... I see it now.
  2. Bigslam51

    What release are you guys using?

    I was using a fuse cinch release but I just got a used tru fire edge thumb release for $50 and I like it alot.
  3. Boone

    FOR SALE Hey mower guys

    What is this mower worth? $800? I have had this Ransomes 48inch mower with a 16hp Kawasaki engine for about 12 years. It runs great, I had it tuned up this year and put new turning belts on it. My back has been bothering me so I am going to sell the mower and get something with electric...
  4. Ohiosam

    Young guys and motorcycles.

    I understand the attraction of bikes but any of you young guys with them please be careful. In the last month I know 3 boys 22 and 23 years old that were in serious accidents with them. A month ago tomorrow the 22 year old son of my wife's co-worker hit a car. He has been in a comma ever since...
  5. Hoytmania

    Do you guys realize?

    that in 17 more Saturdays we will be sitting in our tree stands with bows in hand waiting to stick some deers? :pickle::smiley_clap::smiley_breakdance::smiley_crazy::smiley_cheer::pickle:
  6. Curran

    Cleveland Guys... might want to get involved here

    Saw this article in the paper today and figured I'd pass it along... I haven't read the full 15 page report, but noticed that a hunting option was listed last, after the use of sharp shooters. It may be my biast opinion but it seems that controlled archery hunting would be at a much great...
  7. U

    did you guys miss me

    well im back , got alot of stuff resolved , didnt take as long as i thaught it would , still waiting to hear back on my eye booger problem , but got the most of the rest of the stuff resolved and im back with some points for my team and some cool stories and pics to post up
  8. Bowhunter57

    Happy New Year, from us old guys!

    Shot my first turkey yesterday, scared the $hit out of everyone in the frozen food section… It was awesome! Getting old is so much fun...:smiley_crocodile:
  9. "J"

    Why Guy's like Dodge Trucks

  10. ohio mossy oak

    How many guys have turkey hunted with a Mossberg 835?

    How many guys have turkey hunted with a Mossberg 835?Any load or choke combos I should check out to start an see how its patterning?Im trying to keep on somewhat of a budget Thanks
  11. Ohiosam

    Is it one of you guys??

  12. jagermeister

    HVAC guys and other DIY'ers... I need some help

    Where is the best place to buy a replacement electric motor for my furnace blower? The son-of-a-gun finally siezed up on me. I heard it humming when the wife and I got back from Christmas shopping tonight. I found one in Grainger that matches up, for about 125 bucks... but I didn't know if...
  13. H

    ? for you guys

    I am dumbfounded, the farm that I am hunting was producing some great pics and deer sightings during bow season. Atleast 5 shooter bucks and a many doe oppertunities. It wasnt uncommon to see 8 to 10 deer a day during the daylight hours. When gun season came it shut off I didnt see a tail the...
  14. saddlepants

    Hey guys?

    I have a nephew in Florida who just ordered his first ever piece of hunting equipment. A Pse Stinger set up. I want to invite him to this forum to learn with me. Is there an Invite of some sort or do I just send him a link to the home page and have him join?
  15. ohio mossy oak

    DEAL You LW climbing stick guys might wanna look into this

  16. Dannmann801

    Wonder if these guys are related?

    Rufus and Jerome - they came from the same property, taken a year apart. I measured the harvest spots on Google Earth and they were taken 989 yards apart. I just noticed how similar they are and wondered if maybe they had the same daddy or ma or both. What are the chances?

    The new guy's hunt of a deer named Ghost

    I have been checking out TOO for a while and reading your story's and steped up the other day and introdused myself in the new users thread. Anyhow the weather sucks and i have nothing to do so i thought i would share my hunt this year. After still coming off of a high from last years hunt, It...
  18. saddlepants

    Hey you guys with trail cams and such...

    Question. If you kill a Buck that has been actively working a scrape/rub lines do you notice if Other bucks work these same lines after he is gone? Like Should I expect this one area Im hunting to be worked in about the same lines next season as this buck if he gets shot?? Im sure scouting tells...