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  1. Big_Holla

    Minerals + Apples = Happy Deerz

    This batch is from one of our Monster RAXX sites where we also dumped a bunch of apples the last time down. They were still visiting the site for the MR but the added apples seemed to be the icing on the cake so to speak. I was a little surprised that most of the pics we got here were all at...
  2. xbowguy

    Happy Birthday Jesse

    Hope today brings all your wishes! Happy Birthday Man! :smiley_bestwishes::smiley_carnaval::smiley_candle:
  3. finelyshedded

    Happy Birthday Buckmasta!

    You have a great day TOO Ben! Happy Birthday brotha!
  4. xbowguy

    Happy Birthday Mr. Cottis!

    Hope Today Is One Of The Best Ever! :pickle:
  5. ohio mossy oak

    Happy 52nd Birthday to a old friend many of us have

    Happy 52nd Birthday to the Mossberg 500-series shotgun..This day(August 21st) in 1961 the first Mossberg 500 rolled off the line...Who here has a 500 or two or three or five?What do you use it for an tell us all about it or show it off.... I have a (not sure on age) 500A 12ga with a 24in...
  6. Huckleberry Finn

    Happy Birthday JBrown

    Happy Birthday man! :pickle:
  7. Fullbore

    Happy Fathers Day!

    Just wanted TOO say Happy Fathers Day to all fathers on the site. We as fathers have important roles in our children's lives. What greater blessing is there? Enjoy your time spent with them and God bless to All. We have some new fathers this year. You will be in for the best years of your...
  8. finelyshedded

    Happy Birthday Hicks!

    I saw it was your birthday buddy. Hope you have/had a great one!
  9. "J"

    Happy birthday Mike

    I remember my 40th, seems like only 14 years ago rotflmao hope it's a good one for you buddy!!!!
  10. CJD3

    Happy birthday charles

    Have a great day!:smiley_cheers:
  11. Dannmann801

    Happy Birthday Boys!

    The magic website info thingee at the bottom of the forum page lists today as 3 members birthdays - RRR, J, and Mao! Hope it's great fellas!
  12. finelyshedded

    Happy Easter TOOZERS!!!

    Hope everyone has a blessed and Happy Easter today!
  13. Bowhunter57

    Happy first day of Spring!

    Yea, right! Whatever! :smiley_arrogant: I was out working in this "Spring"-like weather, today. 28 degrees, 20+ m.p.h. winds and all the snow flakes that you could catch on your tongue. I just love Spring-like weather like the one we had today. There's nothing like wearing layers of...
  14. xbowguy

    Happy Birthday Diane!

    :smiley_candle: :smiley_champagne::smiley_bestwishes:
  15. "J"

    Happy Birthday Joe

    Hope you have a great day buddy.....
  16. "J"

    Happy birthday jesse

    The big 30..... Hope it's a good one for you old man!!!!! :smiley_coolpeace:
  17. DJK Frank 16

    Happy Birthday Cotty16!!

    Hope you have a good one Mike!! Happy Birthday! :pickle:
  18. Riverdude

    Happy aniversary cotty!

    Just want to say Happy Aniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Cotty!! You two kids enjoy your day and have a fun evening. :pickle: :smiley_bestwishes: :smiley_dancing:
  19. CJD3

    Happy Birthday Riverdude

    Got that AARP and Buckey gold card in the mail yet? lol :banana:
  20. Riverdude

    Happy Farthers Day.

    Happy Fathers day Guys.