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  1. O

    FOR SALE 2014 Hoyt Charger and Gamo Bull Whisper

    I have a 2014 camo Hoyt Charger 28/70 for sale. It just got new string due to me wanting a different color. The Bow is flawless. It comes with a IQ bow sight, bee stinger stabilizer, bow rattler. Asking 600 for RTH package. For the bow in factory set up Ill take 400. Thanks for looking. PM for...
  2. Mao

    FOR SALE Hoyt Vectrix Ready to Hunt Package

    Selling for a buddy a real nice ready to hunt package. Just in time to get dialed in for bow season. Hoyt Vectrix in great condition in Realtree Hardwoods Camo. 60# and I believe a 28" draw. It comes loaded with: Apex 5 Pin dovetail sight, Wisker Biscuit rest, Modular stabilizer and wrist...
  3. Archertl

    Hoyt Spyder Turbo

    I have the spyder turbo tuned and set up. Ill have more pictures later today of targets and arrow speeds. Right now I have a Montana Black gold 5 pin, Trophy Taker Pronghorn fall away and a Doinker 12 inch a bomb stabilizer (for now). Once I get back from leave Im getting new strings and cables...
  4. Beentown

    The Hoyt is done...

    Except for BH tuning. Took it TOO Skeeter Creek as my threads were in. Ran into another TOOzer while I was there (Curran). Dang, you have some good kids! Had to press it a few times to get the bow "square" and the lobes on the cams equal distance from the string. Took it home and threw it...
  5. matt hougan

    DEAL WTT: Hoyt Rampage or Rampage XT

    I am looking for a gently used Rampage or Rampage XT. I have a Smith and Wesson M&P .45 I am looking to trade. 5" barrel 3 magazines Apex duty/carry kit trigger (Awesome trigger) Black hawk pancake holster Safarland ALS duty holster Carried this gun on duty for four years. Normal...
  6. swamp_donkey2012

    DEAL hoyt magnatec

    looking to sell or trade my hoyt magnatec, its split limb, versa cam system, all set up, has whisker biskit, new whisper peep sight, 3 pin tru glo sights, d-loop, and stabalizer, looking to trade for possibly another hoyt, or would sell or would trade for some hunting equipment, its 27-30in...
  7. C

    FOR SALE LH Hoyt Vectrix

    Just bought a new Carbon Element. Selling my Left-Handed Hoyt Vectrix. Fast shooting bow, great condition. Cams and strings for two different draw lengths. 26.5" draw, 55#-65# 28", 60#-70# No accessories included. This would be a great bow for a left-handed shooter just getting...
  8. Milo


    clear your pms
  9. Mao

    Is Hoyt Serious?

    Not trying to start a big thing, but just checked out Hoyts 2012 lineup on their website. Yuck!!!! Almost all the new bow are shooting 330fps with a 6 3/4 brace height!!!! Wow... There "speed bow" which is a 340 fps bow sports a brace height of 6 inches.... Seriously? Bowtechs Destroyer...
  10. swamp_donkey819

    hoyt protec single cam.. opinions

    my buddy is debating on gettin a hoyt protec for a hundered bucks. its the single cam, not the cam and a half. cand find any specs on it good bow or not worth buying? comes without any sights or rest for the price. has the xt2000 limbs 60-70lb draw
  11. swamp_donkey819

    DEAL 2010 hoyt turbohawk

    got a 2010 hoyt turbohawk, all set up ready to hunt, just had a new black/neon green string put on by americas best bowstrings. new whisper peep sight. has tru glo 4 pin sight, release loop, stabalizer and quiver. 27-31 in draw, 60-70lb draw weight. really looking to trde or a newer fred bear...
  12. JPN

    FOR SALE hoyt alphamax 32

    I have an alphamax32 for sale. It has 50-60# limbs and #3 cam. Black riser, camo limbs. Comes with fuse 5 pin sight, fuse stabilizer, wrist sling, and peep sight. Im going to keep the qad rest. I am asking $550, money order only. I will throw in the flambeau case for $575. This bow is in...
  13. T

    Hoyt Buffalo

    I might just have to go back to shooting a recurve! Hoyt has a new recurve out with a 19 inch riser and looks sweet. http://www.hoyt.com/recurve_bows/hoyt_recurve_bows_hunting.php