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  1. Outdoorsfellar

    Hey Jackalope ....

    Joe, have you recieved any pm's from me ? I've sent you two, the first with appreciation for what you sent to me after camp. I sent you a second one last night, but my " sent pm " box doesn't show anything was sent to you, so now I'm paranoid ....lol.
  2. Ohiosam

    Hope this doesn't make Jackalope homesick

    Be sho to watch dee videeo http://www.kprcradio.com/pages/waltonandjohnson.html?article=11391313
  3. aholdren

    Hey Jackalope!!!

    What's your pick on tonites big game? I will jump ahead of ya and say with Bama giving LSU 5, Im taking Bama plus I have to since the wifey grew up there.....:pickle:
  4. H


    mabey you can put this in the public hunting page . mike is a nice guy and this isnt to bad a site for looking at public hunting grounds thanks
  5. camofry


    Your PM box is full
  6. Jackalope

    Jackalope.. The international Diplomat..

    . So I get this email from "john" in china... John is being soooo helpful in informing me someone is trying to register chinese domain namess for theohiooutdoors. Like we have .com / .net / .org etc they have like .com.cn / .cn / .co.cn etc... And i should act now to protect my name by buying...
  7. Mike

    Thanks Jackalope

    Thanks for the subcategory.
  8. Ray

    Hey Jackalope!?

    How that new turkey call working our for ya? It's hard to put it down isn't it? Glad you won it buddy! :)
  9. Bowhunter57

    Thank you, Jackalope!

    Ask and ye shall recieve! :smiley_clap: An ice fishing forum was suggested/requested and now we have one. Many thanks to Jackalope!:smiley_blink: Good hunting, Bowhunter57