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  1. Ohiosam

    Hey Jesse!

  2. xbowguy

    Happy Birthday Jesse

    Hope today brings all your wishes! Happy Birthday Man! :smiley_bestwishes::smiley_carnaval::smiley_candle:
  3. "J"

    Jesse Jackson's a moronic fuggin idiot

  4. "J"

    Happy birthday jesse

    The big 30..... Hope it's a good one for you old man!!!!! :smiley_coolpeace:
  5. Fluteman

    Hey Jesse!

    Is there any way we can get you to guy one of these so we can all stack up this fall for an early season hunt at Sand Ridge Outfitters! :pickle: :smiley_adfundum: http://www.barronettblinds.com/foundations/store/storepage.asp?page=Beast The Beast
  6. Ohiosam

    Jesse, Jim, Jeff and Steve

    You guys are picking on the poor A-rabs:smiley_clap: While the green movement naively harbours hopes it will be able to shut down unconventional oil and gas development, in Saudi Arabia they are already contemplating a time when North American fossil fuel will replace their oil. Looking past...
  7. Kaiser878

    Hey jesse! THis crazy rack?

    Killed in washington county! Looks a lot like your crazy rack buck from last year! beams tipping down and lots of points! http://www.dnr.ohio.gov/wildlife/dow/Photos/PhotoDetailHorizontal.aspx?m=&Gallery=Hunting&SubGallery=Deer&page=1&count=12&id=31858&pos=6
  8. cynergyone

    Jesse...I need your help!

    I need the recipe for your marinade for your delicious backstraps that you made at the TOO campout. I'm hosting some friends this weekend and want to spoil them to some mouth watering backstraps. Beer will be involved so even if they turn out like a rubber tire no one is gonna know the difference.
  9. Big H

    Hey Jesse

    Are you still using the Millenium stand? How do you like it? I really like the mobility with those quick hanging system they have. I think Summit came out with something similar?
  10. Kaiser878

    JEsse, call me ASAP!

    Hey, call me ASAP. THat sling wasnt on my uncles gun!!!
  11. R

    For Jesse....

    http://www.fieldandstream.com/blogs/hunting/2011/01/when-getting-married-having-children-etcremember-consider-season-start-dates Jus sayin.....:pickle::banana::smiley_dancing: