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  1. Big H

    What kind of feathers are these?

    I am guessing one of the owls got this in the backyard. Big pile of feathers, a couple bones and nothing else. Not sure what kind of bird these feathers are from though? Any ideas?:smiley_confused_vra
  2. Ohiosam

    A single shot kind of day.

    I guess it's no secret by now I'm a gun nut. Now I like all kinds of guns but I do have my favorites kinds. At the top of my list are single shot rifles and side by side shotguns. Tomorrow I'm taking one of my SxS shotguns to shoot sporting clays at a new course that just opened. Just so the...
  3. Riverdude

    Riverdude's Hunting Log, Kind Off.

    Tomorrow will be 4 weeks straight here on the drilling Rig which means I have not been able to bow hunt or hit the rivers for Steel Heads. This is the closest I have come to hunting. mischeif.gif 10/08/11 - As I sat at in my hunting location I noticed movement to my right, I was caught...
  4. RedCloud

    New Stan Release. Kind of ?

    After Fluteman let me borrow his Stan Quattro I decided to purchase one myself only in the Trio version. I was at the local PRO shop on 7-16-11 to buy my bow, sights, rest, arrows, stabalizer, and a release. Needless to say I dropped a chunk of change that day. I told the PRO that I wanted a...
  5. Ohiosam

    Kind of pissed off at a buddy.

    Rant mode ON So I have this friend that I take turkey hunting some. It started a few years ago after his wife died and I felt sorry for him. It's turned in to a tradition where he pretty much assumes I'll take him the first day. We always go to the same spot, a place where 3 landowners own a...
  6. Buckrun

    Its kind of funny

    On my way to work I pass Hicks. That got me thinking. The only time I see him he is just out driving around. Or I see him in a gas station getting gas so he can drive around some more. I have also seen him in Skyline fueling him self up I assume it is so he has gas while out driving around...
  7. Bowhunter57

    Ice Spikes...the threaded kind

    I see where guys are using threaded ice spikes to anchor down their ice shelters. Rather than purchase some threaded ice spikes, wouldn't a screw-in tree step work? How about a 4" to 6" large self-tapping screw or bolt? Thank you, Bowhunter57
  8. Kujo

    What kind of set up do you have?

    I am going to be picking up a new compound bow after the season, and just wanting to know what a lot of you use. I have an OLD bear whitetail II, so almost anything would be am upgrade. I am leaning toward a PSE, but have also heard a lot of good things about Hoyt. I will have maybe $500 total...