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  1. brock ratcliff

    Learn to be patient!

    I think of the dumbest things when I am sitting in a treestand. I often think I have a lot in common with Redtail hawks. No, I am not fast and I don't see all that well, but I do sit high in a tree for hours on end watching fields, and often times I the only thing I see is a red tail sitting...
  2. saddlepants

    Want to learn Taxidermy

    In a bad way. Have wanted to for many years but the schools are just so far away. Im interested in maybe an apprenticeship? Does anybody know of someone who could use some help...the girl close to me is really good and Ive talked to her but It seems she doesnt want to create competition for herself.
  3. Curran

    What a crappy way to learn a lesson

    So a few weeks back my son was getting into his piggy bank and playing with what little more he's managed to save from doing chores and such. I say this because usually as soon as he's got a dollar in his hands, he want to spend it on yet another matchbox. He's only got 7,562 so what's one more...