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What a crappy way to learn a lesson


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So a few weeks back my son was getting into his piggy bank and playing with what little more he's managed to save from doing chores and such. I say this because usually as soon as he's got a dollar in his hands, he want to spend it on yet another matchbox. He's only got 7,562 so what's one more.

Anyway, my wife was telling him to make sure he picked up his stuff and put it away before they went to get groceries that day. As usual, he didn't listen completely, and thoroughly to the instructions given. Leaving about $9 laying on the floor. The wife & kids depart for the store leaving the unattended monies, and our dog behind. Alone, in the house. Together.

Now enter Timber, the chessie with a bottomless stomach, and the intestines to pass everything from mulch, to cornstalks, to plastic army men, etc. Well, you get the point. Long story made short, no body ever saw anything happen, so there was only speculation as to where my son's fortunes had gone. That is until today when the snow melted, and i was able to go out to the backyard and assume my neglected poop patrol duties.....

Looks like we've got this case solved. And also provided our kids with a reminder, make sure you listen to your parents when they tell you to pick up your stuff!!!! lmao
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i feel bad for your son , and i feel bad for the dogs stomach , but ya gotta admit thats freakin priceless picture and im trying my hardest not to bust up laughing over the picture not the situation , ever thaught about taking him to the bank with you sometime and let him roam around the safe .....lol


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That a heck of a deposit right there.

We had a Dalmatian get into my wife's purse and ate a $20 and as you I went on patrol lol.

I finally found it and used the needle nose pliers to drop the money into a zip-loc baggie. Found out from the bank all I needed was 3 corners and one set of serial numbers. You should have seen the tellers face when I took that into the bank for an exchange for a new $20 lmao.
POOP DOLLAR!!!!!!.....we use to play that game in college. Sitting on the porch and wait for some one to pick it up and all yell POOP DOLLAR. Only to watch the person throw it down and we would sit and wait for the next person to come along. Hours of entertainment for a dollar. LOL