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  1. themedic

    Legal Hunting Age

    How old must a person be to bowhunt alone? 18 is what I am seeing in the reg's book. Thats a little ridiculous IMO. Am i reading this right? Any exemptions? Youth Hunts All youth hunting opportunities (except the youth waterfowl hunting season) are available to any hunters that possess a...
  2. Riverdude

    Silencers are legal in TX to Hunt!

    Was over hanging out with the Company Man here on the Rig that is from Texas. We typically talk about deer hunting, guns and such. Last night we were BS'n and he told me that now in Texas it is legal to hunt using silencers! WOW, not sure what to think about that one other then "Leave it to...
  3. Bowhunter57

    Legal Coyote Trap?

    I know a gentleman that has good success trapping coyotes. When I asked how he trapped them, he stated that he used 2" treble hooks, similar to the ones used for turtle traps in trot lines. He's had his best success using deer liver. He hangs this set up about 5' off the ground, on a cable. When...
  4. Thunderflight

    Is this legal?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QeffwrQSxBc I may have to get one for my AK.
  5. Ohiosam

    So what is legal?

    Here is the background. A friend was muzzleloader hunting on Monday of ML season on a farm he rents. Shot at and wounded a nice buck. Followed the blood trail till it ended at a state road. Took a while to get there because it crossed several properties and he had to keeping getting...
  6. U

    pre paid legal services ?

    well my nephew is doing it , made 400 bucks in 3 hours selling memberships , my question is has any one heard of it , and is it a scam