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pre paid legal services ?

kaysie , and thats what im trying to find out , it seems like a pyramid scam to me , from what he is telling me its like health or life insurance companies , you pay so much a month for unlimited legal use , you pay to be a member and always have a lawyer on hand at all times you still have to pay fines and such but no lawyer fees , and every membership you sell you get a commision , and if the people under you sell membeships you get a cut of that to , which is making me think its a pyramid scheme


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That's what they call multiple level marketing, or MLM. MLM is perfectly legal and legit, although you tend to make more money by getting in at the beginning. I've done it before and it just isn't for me. My wife is currently doing a MLM business and is doing quite well on a casual basis.

Example of MLM businesses would be AVON, Pampered Chef, Thirty-One, Tastefully Simple, etc.


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Pre-paid legal is a legitimate MLM or direct marketing business. If he works hard and doesn't give up and networks his butt off he could do quite well for himself. I have personally met many people that are doing prepaid legal.


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Could be legit....I mean, a lot of people 'get an attorney' and pay for their retention, the lawyers render services off that retention fee, then etc....