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  1. hickslawns

    CAUGHT! Moundhill and Diablo on my trail camera

    I don't know why, but when viewing these pictures I think of Moundhill and Diablo. Honestly, my first thought was "I bet this was Jackalope as a youngster". However, Jackalope is not as much of a youngster anymore, so I had to pick on our resident young bucks. Sorry Taylor and Jake. I had to...
  2. RedCloud

    Happy Birthday Moundhill

    I hope you have a good one today :smiley_clap:. :smiley_candle::smiley_bestwishes:
  3. Diablo54

    Moundhill draws blood

    This morning I watched from 10 yards away in my tree as it came running in on us. moundhill drew back and fired his bow before i could grab the video cam. I couldn't tell what was going on because of all the thick brush but he quickly grabbed another arrow from the quiver and once he got his...