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Moundhill draws blood


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This morning I watched from 10 yards away in my tree as it came running in on us. moundhill drew back and fired his bow before i could grab the video cam. I couldn't tell what was going on because of all the thick brush but he quickly grabbed another arrow from the quiver and once he got his bow back I watched him squeeze the release off. We were both excited and had to immediately check for blood.
It took a few minutes but we found the blood and it was everywhere.

After that we tracked and tracked. It was a good 150yd track but we eventually came up on him.

We went home and got the four wheeler and pulled it out of the woods. We got some great hero pictures.

The shot was perfect but i don't think Moundhills broadheads were sharp cause he went a good 150 yards.

We got it to the processor and got it to the taxi today.


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Central Ohio
lmao That was great!!!

Way to stick with the blood trail and find your trophy. I only wish you guys were able to get the hunt on film, but that's why it's called hunting. Sometimes it all happens so fast that all you can do is go into predator mode and let instincts take over. Nicely done Guys!!

I gotta say, that's one of the absolute best hero pictures I've seen.


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It was a great hunt, we've had trail cam pics of this guy and been scouting him for a few years. He has claw marks all over the trees, and can eat up a full trees acorns. I was going to get a full body mount but a tail mount still looks nice lol