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  1. M

    FOR SALE millenium stand and muddy sticks

    going through my collection here and putting up one of my millenium m100 stands minus the block due to using with my other and a set of four muddy outdoor climbing sticks excepting offers both are pretty much new never really got to use the sticks and stand was used for one season. just pm me...
  2. M

    lw sticks vs muddy ?

    just got me a millenium hang on looking for for sticks i like the cam idea of muddy seems like it would be faster and easier but i dont have experience with either whats your thoughts:smiley_chinrub:
  3. Beentown

    Muddy buys Harvest Time..

    Muddy Companies Invests in Harvest Time Archery (HTA) Albia, IA-January 3, 2012-Muddy Companies is pleased to announce the acquisition of Harvest Time Archery (HTA). HTA has developed a loyal following of customers for its 100% carbon target and hunting arrows. Their Rugged Wrap...
  4. Jackalope

    FOR SALE Muddy outdoors Climbing Sticks

    Set of 5 Muddy outdoors Climbing sticks used 1 season. $150 To your door. Usually sold as as set of 4 plus you have to but single stick to make 5. Caellas Retail 149.99 (4) + 39.99 (1) +tax + shipping. comes out to about $200 Uses a gear drive step system Stackable
  5. Matt

    Got muddy!

    Just had one of those great weekends that seems to come around so very little, so I thought I would share some pics with everyone. Spent the day Saturday 4-wheeling with some friends, it started out pretty clean, but then I managed to find a few mudholes. Let's just say there was very little...
  6. JPN

    FOR SALE NIB Muddy Outdoors safety vest

    I have a brand new muddy outdoors safety vest for sale. I won this in a raffle and have never used it. Size small/medium, up to a 34in waist and 250lb capacity. Mossy oak treestand camo. Safeguard series. Retails for $120. I will take $95, money order only.