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  1. buckbuster217

    prayers needed

    Please place my mother in law in your prayers, we received a call about 2 hours ago from Bethesda hospital in Zanesville informing us she had been admitted and was not expected to make it, she has bleeding from her brain and has been put on a ventilator as she cannot breath on her own. She has...
  2. "J"

    Cincinnati area mechanic needed

    Friends of mine have a daughter in school down there and her car is in need of repair, they were asking me if I had any connections down there and I said I may... So if anyone has a trustworthy mechanic down that way I'd appreciate the name and number.... Thanks...
  3. A

    Prayers needed

    Hey guys, I am writing this cause I need prayers, My girlfriend of three years lost her mother today with her mothers battle with breast cancer. Please keep the family in your prayers. Many of you might recall me writing a thread, about taking this girl hunting, well she is my world, and...
  4. buckbuster217

    prayers needed

    They transported my 16 year old daughter by ambulance to natiowide childrens hospital with acute pancreatitis and possible gall bladder problems, we are in the ER right now waiting for them to ad mit her so they can start treating her pancreatitis, so if you would keep Darby in your thoughts...
  5. J

    Registration info needed.

    I am thinking about purchasing this mini pontoon. http://www.sportsmansguide.com/net/cb/the-colorado-xt-pontoon.aspx?a=467500 What registration will i need? What additional items will i need(life jackets, lights, anchor, fire extinguisher)? If I were to put a trolling motor on it, would that...
  6. Jackalope

    Help Needed: Land Usage Data

    . I am currently compiling a land usage spreadsheet for every county in Ohio that has the below data.. Green is what I presume to be mostly huntable. Peach is areas I think would be unhuntable or so difficult to hunt it's minuscule in the scope of the issue. Specifically what I am looking...
  7. Jackalope

    Blood tracking dog needed.. (ashtabula)

    A new user (Cmeadors) PMd me for this tonight.. If you can help him please PM me for his number..
  8. Beentown

    Opinions needed...

    Looking into buying new arrows... Maxima Hunters or Gold Tip Pro Hunters What say ye? Beentown
  9. ohio mossy oak

    Scent smoker...Is the extra stuff really needed?

    OK...Ya'll got me sold on the scent smoke enough to THINK about trying it..Do I need the kit with the torch etc...Or not?
  10. swamp_donkey819

    WTB trail cam needed

    looking for a good trail cam thats digital that i can trade something for or buy, something like a primos or something along those lines.
  11. Jackalope

    TOO Gathering (Roll Call and items Needed)

    Okay guys. The time is quickly approaching for the First Annual TOO summer gathering! June 11th-12th at Woodbury Wildlife Area. Figured we would get a quick list together as of today who thinks they can make it. And also a list of things we may need that members may have... Feel free to add any...
  12. "J"

    Diesel Mechanics Needed

    If your a diesel mechanic and a Veteran..... And want to do some traveling they are looking to fill some openings in Austrailia.... Here is what a friend sent me... "Stumbled accross the opportunity of a life time! If you are or know a diesel engine mechanic/tech looking for work, I'm...